Albums that mark a stark contrast in the style of music


to the rest of the band’s output

just listening to Kid Cudi’s last one…it’s very strange

Also intrigued by this


Morning Benders >> POP ETC


Mumfords and Sons - Wilder Mind :’(



none of that round here


@1101010 ^ this what you’re meaning?


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I’ll leave this here until @TKC has heard it then.


I won’t be listening I’m afraid Theo, cheers though!


Well you did ask before. I dunno. Make your mind up.

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that was before I realised they were called Stoneship Troopers


It was quite special. One guy singing over a raggedly played distorted electric guitar.


enjoy Stoneship Troopers at the Variety Bazaar!


Bowie, more than a few times:

Space Oddity
The Man Who Sold The World
Hunky Dory
Ziggy Stardust
Young Americans
Station To Station
Scary Monsters
Let’s Dance


Cave In - Jupiter
Shora - Malval


Manic Street Preachers - ‘Lifeblood’ - they changed in to Pet Shop Boys.
Pet Shop Boys - ‘Release’ - they changed in to The Smiths.
‘Sandinista!’ by The Clash was different to the previous three albums they released.
Neil Young’s ‘Freedom’ album from the 80s maybe - and the electronic type album he did in the 80s also, which I’ve forgotten what it is called - the one with the vocoder!
U2’s ‘Zooropa’, although they started that direction with ‘Achtung Baby’.


808s & Heartbreak was a huge departure. I haven’t listened to it since MBDTF came out, but at the time I was absolutely obsessed with it. Kanye just wasn’t the artist he is now before that album, it was the last thing I was expecting.


Liked it a lot when it came out, on reflection though there are quite a few weak tracks that don’t go anywhere. Big fan of the sound they were going for though, I hadn’t loved Gangs as much as s/t so I was keen on the brighter direction - if only they wrote some more good songs for it.

Heirs was pretty boring though.


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Heh, that’s strange.

Heirs > All Hail Bright Futures for me. Thought Heirs was a slight return to form, although it took a while to get into. Run Home, Redesigned A Million Times, People Not Sleeping, Fucking Lifer, A Beacon, A Compass, An Anchor and Animal Ghosts are all bangers. Even Wasps grew on me, and I really didn’t feel that at all.

Gangs > everything else they’ve ever done though. Exceptional record that.