Albums that passed you by but have now recently (re)discovered?

I’m ashamed to say this but I totally slept on Kelly Lee Owens’ debut album from last year. Gave it a quick spin when it came out and thought nothing of it really. That was until she announced that she was playing a headline show in London @ Village Underground, so I thought I’d give it another spin to see if she’s worth my time seeing her live and, fuck me, this album is amazing. For the last month it’s been on permanent rotation. How did this pass me by?!

The ‘Lucid’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Bird’, ‘Throwing Lines’ sequence is just perfect, but there are no duff tracks on the album. The whole album is just bangin’! Considering it’s her debut album, it’s so mature. It’s like she’s been making music for 20 years.

What’s your recent album (re)discovery having initially slept on it?


(Sandy) Alex G - Rocket

Didn’t think anything of it when it came out but my gf got me really into it earlier this year, we saw him at Primavera and it was a perfect sunny start to the weekend.

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The most recent one is probably Worry by Jeff Rosenstock. I had never listened to him until POST- this year, and fairly recently I gave Worry a shot and it instantly entered my top 5 of 2016. I love everything about it - lyrically it’s fantastic and I love how musically it jumps around in styles while remaining cohesive, (and its medley is better than Abbey Road’s).

Another big one is Yank Crime by Drive Like Jehu. The new Hot Snakes album was my introduction to any of their projects, and after taking that one in I gave Yank Crime a shot and was blown away. Its highlights are pretty much exactly what had been missing from my music collection and what I was hoping existed somewhere. It’s absolutely furious.


heard people mentioning The Blind Shake in relation to Oh Sees a while ago, finally gave them a go. picked this recentish album fairly at random cos i liked the artwork, but it’s ruddy great.

(haven’t listened to any of their others yet)

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I came over to the music board to start a thread just like this.

JFDR’s strings album came out at the start of August, when the weather was really hot and it was the middle of summer, so I didn’t listen at all. Now it’s starting to feel autumnal out there, it’s perfect:

Already came out in 2016, but it’s now one of my favs.

Dream Wife. Took seeing them play live at 3am in Gothenburg for their album to click with me. And what a gig!

One of my first ever gigs was seeing Jehu a few weeks after they released Yank Crime. Completely blew my 17 year old mind…

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All of the Self Defense Family albums


yaaaaaas more of this please

got to see them on their reuinion tour and it was honestly one of the greatest things ever