Albums that shouldn't have happened, but did

Hey All Y’All was largely a marked improvent on Travistan

Uncanney Valley has a couple of good tracks on it but on the whole they shouldn’t have bothered (they all sounded better live though).

I saw them on their ‘reformed’ tour at the Thekla in Bristol and it was great. Not 2001 at the Highbury Garage great but great nonetheless.



I fucking love Mansun but I’m not touching that madness. I have most of the B-sides and Demos thanks to EPs, Kleptomania and the big rereleases of AOTGL and Six. I’d be interested in the books, but 10 Live CDs? No one needs that many Live CDs.

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That’s insane

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I will defend ‘Monkey House’ as being a worthy addition to their catalogue.

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+1 :+1:

Never even bothered with this despite liking almost everything else especially E&I and Change.

Similarly ever listened to any new Pixies et al. Never gonna be decent and might make me hate the good stuff.

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I am always tempted by these massive box sets, however, 25 discs?! You are right, nobody needs 10 Mansun Live CDs.

I have a friend who only likes Blue Eyed Hexe.

When the Style Council made an acid house/rave album c. 1989 and their label were FUMMIN :sweat_smile:

Actually, maybe it should, as it’s probably the last hip thing Paul Weller ever did.

Yeah but sod 'em as they’ll be footy bantz lads who only like 5 bands: Oasis, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, and Foo Fighters

not really got on with ‘mummer’ so far but I was quite surprised how much I liked ‘big express’ the few times I heard it given its poor rep. I’m relatively new to XTC though.

nah fuck off that’s mental

If they had went from Black Sea to English Settlement to Skylarking it would have been amazing. But they didn’t so i suppose it doesn’t matter :grinning:

I love a live album but Matt’s vocals on this are just fucked. Should have done it during the TWFM era.

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Cut the Crap