Albums that should've happened, but didn't

For example, as thankful as I am for The Magic Whip allowing me to actually see Blur live, I think a 2012 record would’ve been pretty special. Under the Westway and Fool’s Day are probably the two best Blur songs since the 90s. and they were such a fitting sound: still indebted to some form of previous British musicianship, but noble in their sounds and especially in their lyrics. it just sounded right for a bunch of guys in their 40s. can’t help but think the mild-to-heavy jingoism of the London Olympics would’ve really spurred it on, too.

Would’ve been a very nice, appropriate return that was completely dignified.

Radiohead putting something out in 2009 as well. Twisted Words, Harry Patch are sort of anomalies in their career but they seemingly did not care and had nothing to lose. even at their ‘experimental’ level, Twisted Words seems a bit of a stray… not much of a melody, pretty much structureless, but really nailed a mood.

also, them butchering Identikit – replacing their catchiest drum pattern ever with some stuttery shit – always makes me wish they’d used the King of Limbs tour momentum to put together a record. Cut A Hole, that, Ful Stop all had this very atmospheric vibe to them. felt like a bridge between that album and In Rainbows. just makes me think of a dark forest pixelation. Skirting on the Surface really could’ve worked with those synths they had a hard-on for at that time, too.

Probably a detour to an entire trajectory here, but Rivers Cuomo hunkering down on Homie and going full country would’ve been interesting. dude was clearly confused as to how to push Weezer forward. the best songs from that post-Pinkerton era are definitely country ballad inspired – especially that wistful outlook-to-the-humped hills vibe the lyrics have. reckon a Longtime Sunshine, Tragic Girl, Getting Up And Leaving could have formed the backbone for a real reinvention for himself… or even Weezer?

any1 else?

Tom Jones fabled welsh language album from the 70’s. As he’s not welsh he can’t speak the language so it didn’t happen.




Dear Tommy!




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Never really liked the 2012 Identikit, too much of just drums and vocals for ages, far prefer the newer version with Jonny’s guitar and much better backing vocal part. They did record the old version in Jack White’s studio mid KOL tour though apparently

Think Twisted Words was the first stage of recording KOL

Deftones - Eros.


Bronze Age Fox

The fabled Super Furry Animals acid techno album.




The Wrens seemed to be nudging the finish line, lots of talk that it was written and I think they released a new song on a magazine a few years ago but I think one of them got ill and iy doesn’t feel like it will see the light of day.


Chance and Kanye doing A Good Ass Job right off the back of “Ultralight Beam”/TLOP/Coloring Book could have been good. Their sounds were pretty in sync, and they would have likely produced a mid-10s twist on College Dropout/Late Registration Kanye. Just at the tail end of when Ye might be able to produce something worthwhile too.


David Bowie - Contamination

Should have been the follow-up to Outside, continuing the Nathan Adler story. Gutted that we never got it. Also, “Toy” should have got an official release. The reworking of “Conversation Piece” is one of his best.


The Djali Zwan album. So much great material we’ll likely never properly hear. Hope that free lobster was worth it.

Beautiful song here:

I also have no idea what happened with the rumored Modest Mouse album that was supposed to immediately follow Strangers to Ourselves. It’s been over 5 years now.


Madvillainy 2 :disappointed_relieved:


Shame that Smashing Pumpkins never released anything tbh

I thought it was finally coming when they released those singles last year but still nothing

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I know, it’s so frustrating. Hopefully they’ve been working on something and haven’t just scrapped it / been on hiatus. I know I’m in the minority but I thought Strangers to Ourselves was great.

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