Albums That We Missed In The Weekly/Monthly Threads But Are Still BANGERS


Every month I come across cool albums that were not even mentioned in the weekly and monthly discussion and vote threads. This is the place to give them an honourable mention less they slip the net completely.

Despite this amazing hive brain, we can’t have our eye on everything at every time, and sometimes interesting sea creatures rise slowly through the swell to reach the surface long after the storm has settled.

I will kick things off with a few I have noticed…

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SHLOHMO “The End” (Released March 22)
Not even an obscurity, but for some reason didn’t get a shout out. Four years in the making, The End is quite a beautiful piece of concept electronica about the end of the world.


Devin Townsend Emptah

The production is a bit ??? but it has some bloody bangers on there

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MARIA SOMMERVILLE “All My People” (Released Mar 1)
A Bandcamp graduate - debut album - very nice ambient pop record from the west coast of Ireland.


HARRIET BROWN “Mall of Fortune” (released Feb 1)
Self produced and recorded LA R&B full of quirks and hooks - not your usual fare and more than one banger to be had.


DJ Muggs & Mach Hommy - Tuez Les Tous. Released 29th March.

Being a DJ Muggs production it has a similar dank psychedelia as Cypress Hill but way heavier and darker in places. Not as many hooks but it’s a really addictive and near flawless 30 minutes. Easily fave hip hop album this year so far.

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Thought it was merely decent until the guitars came in then it turned into a total banger, loved it. Never heard of these before so cheers.


Muggs has been on top form recently,.even the most recent cypress hill is legit