Albums with less than 10 tracks: always good

I’m pretty sure this is true. Probably a shitload of good tenners out there too. Nothing worse than seeing 14 tracks or whatever listed. There may be some exceptions.

Dylan was a right cock for putting too many tracks on his albums. I love him, but not sure he’s got a front to back classic 'cause he always sneaks some shite in there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my topic, may the Lord have mercy upon us all.

Blood on The Tracks - 10 tracks of perfection.

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Highwau 61 Revisited - 9 tracks of perfection

It’d be a better album without Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. Not like it’s a total dud, but it drags the album down a wee bit I reckon. Meet Me in the Morning is also a bit mince.

Was just thinking this today… my attention span for 12+ tracks is non existent these days

King of Limbs

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This, on the other hand, is spot on! My apologies to Bobby D. Still think most of his albums could do with a trim though. Best 9 tracks off Blonde on Blonde would be ridiculous(ly good).

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yeah i agree with you on that, a few tracks you could do without on blonde on blonde

There just something about less tracks that make me think we’re getting the good stuff here, all the fat trimmed off.

Recent(ish) stuff like Sound of Silver, Hairless Toys, Tarot Sport… all better for not being chock full of extra cuts.

#Subthread: bands whose albums always have less than 10 tracks (always good)

Fuck Buttons have 3 (always good) albums and i’m not sure there’s even 10 tracks between them!

Do Make Say Think: always good

Moon Duo: always good

LCD Soundsystem: always good

I think 9 is a good number for this. Usually makes everything quite tight and lean. Sonic Youth - Evol, Mogwai - Happy Songs, Joy Division - Closer, Prurient - Bermuda Drain, and Girl Band’s debut from last year are the first that come to mind.

The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute (5 Tracks)
perfect album

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Yeah, Moggers have got Rock Action too, and Sonic Youth Murray Street.

Less than 10 I mean!


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Agreed. Much prefer 7 - 9 solid tracks to an LPs worth where you know half the stuff on there is just filler. Recent ones that springs to mind are Viet Cong, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles, Blackstar and The Drones

Texas Is The Reason – Self-titled

9 tracks, all of them great.

I’m not going anywhere theo! :grin:

Lift Yr Skinny Fists has about 20 subtracks though, and it’s very long. However, GYBE themselves are (always good) so i’ll let it slide.

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Yeah Girl Band - no fat on there whatsoever