Albums with one great side

Listened to Bang Bang Rock & Roll for the first time in a while last night and realised that I love side A as much as anything ever. Absolute 10/10 perfection. Side B I can take or leave.

Those first 6 tracks are untouchably excellent imo

Any others?

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Sleater Kinney’s One Beat is wall to wall bangers for the first side, more of a mixed bag in the second.

One Beat
Far Away
The Remainder
Light Rail Coyote
Step Aside

Combat Rock
Funeral Song
Hollywood Ending

The CD version of OK Computer.


Which side?

The shiny metal one!


Love - Da Capo…

First side is every bit as good as Forever Changes. Side B is handed over to the meandering jam Revelation which is a bit :woman_shrugging:

Side A
Stephanie Knows Who 2:33
Orange Skies 2:49
¡Que Vida! 3:37
Seven & Seven Is 2:15
The Castle 3:00
She Comes In Colors 2:43

Side B
Revelation 18:57


Whole album is very good but the first side of REM’s Document is basically flawless


I agree apart from 18,000 Lira which is my fave :nerd_face:

First side of Hot Fuss, innit. No matter what you think of them now, it’s a corker


Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker

Wall to wall bangers on side A, side B is fine

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Great example. That first side is amazing. Second side starts with The One I Love then meanders off into the sunset a bit.

Closing song is the best though

Hunky Dory fits the bill:

Side one

  1. Changes” – 3:37
  2. Oh! You Pretty Things” – 3:12
  3. “Eight Line Poem” – 2:55
  4. Life on Mars?” – 3:43
  5. Kooks” – 2:53
  6. Quicksand” – 5:08

Side two has The Bewlay Brothers which is possibly the greatest Bowie song ever but the rest of it doesn’t live up to Side One.


Oddfellows is good but Disturbance at the Heron House is my favourite song on Document. There seems to be a pattern of albums with great first sides and then disappointing second sides ending with a great song (see also Hunky Dory).

Can take or leave most of side one of Born in the USA but side 2 is smash after smash.


The One I Love >>>>>>> Exhuming McCarthy or Strange

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Such a good example


No Surrender into Bobby Jean, phoar


Yeezus sounds like the greatest album ever made for the first four tracks, back end, not so much


Maybe Silent Alarm by Bloc Party? Like Eating Glass through She’s Hearing Voices feels like a great album, but after that it starts feeling more like a collection of songs.

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Probably the two best tracks after that though IMO (This Modern Love and So Here We Are)