Albums you bought/heard off the basis of one song which turned out to be rubbish

I’ve been meaning to but never seem to get around to it

Should make time for it…I think it’s aged really well. Their other records are awesome too especially Yo and Me

Wasting Light is a good one too.

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Maybe not quite rubbish, but I was expecting Phoenix - Bankrupt to be a lot better than it is off the back of Entertainment.

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Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise LP is shite

I do this all the time still, even in the age of being able to check records aren’t shit before you buy them

  • First Alvvays album off the back of Archie, Marry Me
  • That Future Islands album with that song on it.
  • Science and Nature by the Bluetones because I liked the song Autophilia or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Car’
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First impressions of earth

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I’ve had a playlist of their catalogue made on Deezer for a while now… I’ll get to it eventually

They are the kings of the “Oh man, maybe this one will actually be good!” launch single. Wasting Light was alright, though.

The absolute ultimate one of these for me was ‘Beautiful Insane’ by Electrasy. They had one absolute stone-cold banger, ‘Morning Afterglow’ but looking at Wikipedia, the album only made it to No. 41 so clearly everyone else was more clued up than me.

Honourable mention to Space, who had 3 good songs, all of which they very smartly released as singles before dropping the 100-megaton turd that was ‘Spiders’.

Thanks Bedshaped…


Live it out is great

Finelines by My Vitriol, off the back of Always Your Way. Which is still such a choon, even if they are a bunch of daft bastards. Boring album tho

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I like Spiders.

First Alvvays is awesome and Archie isn’t even the best song


Mr Major’s got a pager
Because he sells E’s
To the Russians
Who crush and snort them
But they never seem to sneeze


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Definitely give it another listen, it is a really strong record IMO

Turin Breaks one to be their second album. I fell into the same trap. Painkiller the lead single was great then the album was boring nothingness.


I still like Morning Afterglow, great song. Don’t think I’ve ever even listened to another song so of theirs. Similar situation to the Automatic liked the monster coming over the hill song , but never listened bothered to another songs of theirs. Sounds like these were both good choices.

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