Albums you initially dismissed for stupid reasons but actually it turns out you love them

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

Associated with mallgoths and their contemporaries were awful, I dismissed them and put them in a pile labeled ‘shitty emo music for people who get all their skinny jeans from Topman’ is actually an amazing Rock Opera record full of fun, atmosphere, energy and passion. IN MY DEFENCE their contemporaries were largely awful, but fuck me did this band not deserve the hate I gave them in 2006. To think I ignored their set at the Muse Wembley gig because they were ‘lame and not PROPER music’… the irony now being I’d sooner listen to this record over anything Muse put out. 2006/07 me was an idiot.


Frank Ocean - Blonde


Kid Cudi - Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven

Anything by Car Seat Headrest because of the stupid fucking name


Almost everything by Van Morrison. Because when I was wee my mum played Brown Eyed Girl on repeat so I refused to listen to anything by him for years. Then, boom… found out he’s actually pretty great.


Not quite sure if it counts, but I ignored Deafheaven until last year because I assumed I’d never be able to get past the screaming. At most I had tried a 30 second clip and turned it off after five seconds. Turns out I was missing out on three albums that I’d always hoped existed. I wish I could forget Honeycomb and hear it again for the first time.

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Oh, and I guess I never listened to Pavement until 2014 due to their being mean to Billy Corgan. Slanted and Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain are very good despite the band’s insolence.

I also didn’t listen to Pavement for years. Every time I heard them my brain just interpreted their style as half assed, too lo fi, I’m not sure, hard to put my finger on it. I think they’re great now. When I’m in a certain mood it’s exactly what I need to hear


I genuinely didn’t listen to at first Angel Olsen because I thought she was one of the Olsen twins. I bet no-one can come up with a more stupid reason than that.


I dunni, I didn’t listen to any hip-hop or electronic music til I was past 18 as I thought I would be betraying my identity as a “rock” kid…first day of sixth form I was wearing something casual like an adidas t shirt and got sat with a hot punk girl, first half of the lesson I spent trying to convince her that I was metal as fuck and that I just forgot to put on the right clothes…she thought I was weird


There was a brief period in my early teen years where Autechre and Aphex were like a dirty little secret bc I was mainly friends with the rock kids at school

So much this.

Also, Funeral by Arcade Fire because one of the tracks sounded a bit like it had lifted the bassline from something Peter Hook did. I’m not even precious about Peter Hook, I have no idea why that made me take against the album.

This isn’t really the thing the thread is about, but I loved MCR up to and including Black Parade and then when I was about 19 I decided I was going to become serious and disavowed all the pop and emo music I’d rinsed for my entire life up until then and started liking only stuff that Pitchfork would approve of. That period of my life only lasted for about 18 months before I realised I was being a top wanker to try to fit in with people who were top wankers, but unfortunately that 18 months encompassed the Leeds festival that MCR headlined and instead of watching the band I really love headline the main stage and by all accounts put on a show for the ages, I went to be mildly entertained by the much more trendy Unkle.

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i can’t remember at what point Black Parade clicked for me but agree that it’s absolutely brilliant

the click moment was definitely after the set they did at reading 2006 right after slayer when they got bottled (not by me, i’m not that kind of bellend) cos i’d stuck around to see if they would indeed get bottled and yes they did

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The cover initially made me think this was going to be bloodless nu-gaze bollocks. Somehow I eventually ended up listening to it and now it’s easily one of my favourite albums. Chocolate Matter might have the best shoegaze riff ever written.