Albums You're Still Looking Forward To in 2016


Friday is Nick Cave day. So there’s that.
And also Chromatics.
And… over to you…


Can’t wait for Nick Cave and Chromatics either, @sean. Having said that, does Dear Tommy have a release date yet? Wasn’t it originally meant to be out 18 months ago…

Also really looking forward to the new How To Dress Well (Lost Youth / Lost You is one of my fave tracks this year), Preoccupations, Beach Slang, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, Mick Jenkins, Warpaint, Bon Iver, Jenny Hval, Pixies, Wilco, The Radio Dept., Drugdealer and Danny Brown.


Very much looking forward to the new Wife EP, and Douglas Dare’s new album. Also Adam Wiltzie’s soundtrack to Salero. Oh and Biosphere’s new album!


Jenny Hval at the end of the month.
Elg - Mauve Zone
Karen Gwyer but that might just be an ep.


my vitriol on september 31st!

new american football
lift to experience remaster/reissue (does this count?)


New Jesus & Mary Chain

If Avalanches can manage it, why not them?


Nick Cave, Devendra Banhart, The Wytches, Syd Arthur, Gabriella Cohen, Soft Hair, Beck

was excited for Pixies but not anymore


keep forgetting that bec and the chromatics still have records to come out this year, so those


Danny Brown and Chromatics


Hendrix. People Hell and Angels SACD and Vinyl Accustic Sounds from orginal master tapes this September.


Kanye!? Also LCD Soundsystem!


Obviously Nick cave and chromatics.
Intrigued by Jus†ice and Petrels too. Does anyone know if soulwax are going to do a proper album? That would be cool.


Another album from Portishead would be sublime too!


Another vote for Nick Cave. If Brand New get their act together and release something that would be great. Also Preoccupations will be worth a spin or two.


Alcest - Kodama
Warpaint - Heads Up (kinda)


I’ve heard vague rumblings on Portishead, anything concrete that you’ve heard?


keep forgetting about the lift to experience reissue, i think it’s out next month? should be a good one


It is! Really enjoying it!


Danny Brown for sure. Love both singles. :fire:


Okkervil River’s new album is the one I am most intrigued by. I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a while so everything about this album has me terrified and excited. Will Scheff is the only remaining member of the original band and he has surrounded himself with session musicians, made a single called Okkervil River RIP and an accompanying music video where he buries himself, gets dug up and then changes his identity and hides out in a bar. Also, this is the first album I believe hes made that doesn’t feature Will Schaff album art, another indicator that things are changing. Its got me wondering if this will be the last Okkervil River album.

Other than that, CRYING, The Growlers, Joyce Manor, and Cymbals Eat Guitars are albums I look forward to hearing.