Alcohol (serious/safe thread)

Hi all

Recently realised I might well be an alcoholic. Was honest with the gp last week about my intake and was given a place to refer myself to, which I have. A weird self reflection, but important I think. One of those things you kinda felt was true but ignored it. Was weird realising that outside the first 16 days of Jan I don’t remember the last day I was sober. And the realising that can’t be good.

Anyway, as much as it might be tmi felt this might warrant a wider topic here if people would like to discuss their own problems regarding this in a non-judgemental environment. This could be posting about your own experiences and acting as a virtual AA community or just general alcohol advice. As long as it doesn’t devolve into the four yorkshiremen sketch equivalent of alcohol.

Appreciate this is a bit #seriousthread but I think having an avenue to discuss this in an objective way may be of benefit to the community.

@moderators any issues on the above feel free to msg me.


There’s this thread which I’m sure contains some helpful advice: Rolling cutting back on the booze thread

Best of luck mate


Definitely nothing wrong with a serious thread. I’ve definitely got an issue with not stopping at one or two drinks, but its more a thing I do without realising. I’ve cut down to drinking one night a week (and have done the same with eating meat) and I’m feeling a little less anxious and generally lethargic. Don’t know if it’s related.

Anyway if you ever need someone to vent to or chat to I’m here.


Thanks Juke. completely missed this thread! Will take a look, cheers for sharing.


No issues at mate. Feel free to flag anything you fell is potentially unhelpful/harmful/needs spoilering with a TW and we’ll get on it.


sorry you are struggling but this is a good step and a great idea for a thread!

I know quite a few people irl that have a problem with drinking but it never gets discussed or anything so I think you’re very brave and sensible to be trying to do something about this and to make this thread :slight_smile:

I had quite a few blackouts in my twenties and they are very scary, I try not to drink too much now but if I cross a threshold of more than about 4 pints and am still up I will go until my brain stops comprehending but I’m still drinking/talking/doing stupid things.

Good luck with your treatment and progress towards a better and happier self, I’m sure you’ll get tonnes of support on here! :+1:


Ive noticed a new problem recently to do with memory loss - I don’t feel like I’m drinking as much as I used to, certainly in terms of volume.

But memory wise I’m completely losing bits of evenings the day after. Not like serious blackouts, I’m not even that drunk usually.

A typical example would be -

Saturday afternoon /night - a couple of pints, half a bottle of wine with dinner in a restaurant, then a whiskey or two before bed. Quite a lot but nothing outrageous and nothing like my younger days.

The next day I couldn’t remember what I had for dinner. :neutral_face: Conversation is mostly a blur, I remember dribs and drabs. I don’t like this. Have a horrible feeling it’s a symptom of long term drinking.


Cheers D. I will be on this thread obvs but, as you say, i think it would be great if it’s a safe space for the wider community if they feel they need to pop in here.

Thanks again. Also, my apologies (generally to the outside world) for mocking safe space threads before in my previous bellend era.

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Cheers Col. As said to D, hopefully this will help the wider community and not just myself.


I’ve read a lot about this. Apparently if you black out when drinking it can happen more and more easily and basically its bits of your brain dying?


Best of luck mmj. You’re a good one and I hope you find something that works for you :heart:


All the best mate X

As always, to anyone on the community, my DMs are always open if anyone ever wants to get any kind of perspective from a teetotaller on a booze free life.


Good on you for starting to come to terms with it - that can only be a good step, and I’m sure everyone here will be supportive. :slight_smile:

I recognise Bamnan’s pattern a lot. I don’t drink very often any more, but used to drink (etc) loads at Uni, and still have that internal trigger to drink excessively once I’ve had a few, which is definitely a bad pattern of behaviour to have. It’s a different kind of problem, and one that would be more of an issue if I were drinking like this once or twice a week, but I could imagine it becoming so.


How does it compare when not drinking in those scenarios? Just as a controlled experiment scenario to compare and contrast.

At the risk of being flippant - how the hell would I know that? :grin:

I’ve had quite a few booze free weekdays recently and tbh I can’t say I notice huge difference in energy or mood etc, but there are wider issues (my job is absolute hell) there too.

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Haha fair play :grin:

That’s understandable. I can’t really offer much else at the moment but if you need a vent or chat in confidence on this I’m here.

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Cheers man, and power to you on cutting down. I’ve also noticed a marked difference in how I felt early Jan not drinking. Had an insane few weeks which chucked me off the wagon, but it is noticeable.

Likewise mate.

Yeah I’m starting to get a bit of a rep for how messy I get on the regular. Suffering more & more frequent blackouts, not particularly liking myself when I do drink, being a general shit. I think the best thing for me to do is just stop.

Best of luck to you mate. It’s very impressive that you’ve recognised the problem and are getting help for it x

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I say starting, it’s been my whole drinking ‘career’, I just always think that this time it will be different and it never is.

Cheers p! Was great to see you, albeit briefly, at the dis Xmas do! (Because I got smashed and had to leave early lol irony etc)

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