ALDIS paying well massive bunse

£73k for an area manager (after four years, starting on £44k).

Assistant branch managers getting £37k (after four years, starting on £31k).

Seems excessive. I’d be well up for £6k a month for telling people to straighten a few loaves of bread.


You’re expected to muck in instore when they’re struggling. Fuck that

Great supermarket


i tried to go to an aldi today and ended up in a lidl

Really love Aldi.

Same place


See, like you i have this inbuilt snobbery about doing something like that for a living, but ultimately it’s probably just because of my small penis.

We’re looking at this wrong. Very, very good money for menial tasks is a good thing, not a bad thing, surely. Poor money for very complicated, demanding work would be bad.

Nobody on here earns £73k realistically. A couple of the pretend lawyers like to suggest they do, but we know they’re sociopaths.


One could say that you made…

( •

…a lidl mistake


I’d like to be an area manager for a big chain. Remember when I used to work at Halfords - people would shit it when the area manager visited.

I’d imagine it’d be pretty stressful though.

Happy earning £49k and sitting on my arse on Internet forums all day to be honest. Wouldn’t deal with customers for less that £100k a year

From what I know of the industry. It likely involves a LOT of hours and hard work.

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Got a mate who’s worked in the same branch of Waitrose since a Saturday job when we were all 15 who is now 32. He’s making good money but I think it’s one of the most depressing things I can possibly think about.

100% guaranteed small pecker.



I took a year between a-levels & uni …a gap year if you will… not to go traveling or to find myself in India or anything but to work full-time in a supermarket (which had been my Saturday job for the previous 3 years)

before going to university one of the directors tried to get me to join their fast track management initiative - assistant manager to area manager in 5 years. He told me that if, after 5 years I still wanted to go to university the supermarket would sponsor me to do an economics degree with a view to a board position by the time I was 30

of course I told him no way but when I think of the money I could have earned …

and I quite like(d) working in retail


Can’t work out if this was a great opportunity or just a middle-aged bloke eyeing up a gobble.

My old housemate used to work in John Lewis. She had quit her “proper science” job because it was boring, miserable, led nowhere, and they actually told her they could buy a machine to do some of her duties, but it was cheaper to hire her. Working in John Lewis was pretty decent, and came with some good perks.

Anyway, there was a lad of 19 there on the training programme. His one dream since he was young was to become a Waitrose Manager. He apparently had no other interests or goals in life. It became my friend’s little challenge to herself to find something else he was interested in. She never succeeded I think.

why not both?

Do kids grow up dreaming of managaing a Waitrose?

Booths, sure, but…