Aldous Harding 2019

Aldous Harding has a new song out. New album is called Designer and out on 26th April.

Very excited for this, Party was my favourite album that year and get to see her for the first time in Newcastle this year :slight_smile:


seeing her supporting Villagers later in the year

thought the last album was decent but really like her folky debut which i discovered later. shame she doesn’t seem to play anything off that one live.


Good songs but her odd mannerisms live are very offputting.

Absolutely love this, she’s so great.

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Fantastic stuff. Love it.

Quite the hypnotic ear worm - lovely stuff!

only just started getting into Party at the end of last year, sounds like the new one could be even better

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But yeah this is great

nailed it

Think it was a comment on a video so cant take any credit

Can’t stop listening to this, reckon it’s better than anything on Party (and I loved that album)

The way she transforms her voice between tracks is remarkable. I thought it was a big aspect of what made Party so unique but to see her do it live on that Tiny Desk concert is amazing.
Also yeah Bob De Niro - hilarious.

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This is brilliant.

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whole album is marvellous


It is isn’t it? Friday seemed to have loads of releases, so only given this album a few plays but wow, it’s very beautiful. Continues to baffle me the amount of voices she can put on for different songs.

This album is fantastic, she’s got such a mastery of mood and tone. Not sure why exactly, but it feels a bit warmer than Party

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At the moment I’m really liking the album but at about the same level as her debut rather than Party, which I just love the massive swings of style on. Still great though.

There are great songs I love massively but some tracks have failed to make any big impact on me. Still a 4/5 I think.