Aldous Harding 2019

Think Party was a bit more prickly around the edges and less accessible whilst Designer is much gentler and less jarring imo.


hope Zoo Eyes hits big in the UAE

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Yep, that is a good summation of the two!

Seem to be in a minority of people that find her completely insufferably inauthentic and obviously like the worst person you’d meet on a contemporary performing arts degree.

Everything from the way she sings in such markedly different voices, to the butoh appropriations and the Robert De Niro exorcisms just seems sooo contrived to me.

A few really quite good songs, but I can’t get past the performancy stuff that makes my skin crawl.

Horses courses tho eh.

Finally watched the video for The Barrel and my word is it something. I love her so much.



The blue mask on the top of her head is so genius

dunno about that, but i do enjoy her first album the most for the relative lack of pretension compared to the sort of persona she’s built up since.

quite enjoying the new album too though, sticking with me a lot more than Party did