Reports coming out of mass executions happening in Eastern Aleppo right now. Civilian men and boys being rounded up and ordered to fight or die. Assad forces reportedly executed all medical staff of al-Hayat Hospital. Demo taking place at Downing Street to take some kind of action. What though I don’t know. Oh fuck.

I am far, far, far away from being as up on this situation as I should be but is there literally any kind of reasonable consensus at all about potential solutions?

Thinking about all of this yesterday I fair convinced myself that we’ll be lucky to avoid WWIII breaking out within the next 5-10 years

The global political situation is so deeply fucked

there was a ceasefire to evacuate the remaining civillians from Eastern Aleppo that was broken this morning. I don’t think anyone really knows who or why though. as a complete uninformed guess it would seem that that may have been the last chance to save thousands and thousands of lives.

A lot of Twitter anger about the Morning Star’s front page from yesterday.

I largely follow foreign correspondents on there and there’s been so much frustration/anger from them with the lack of Western involvement in Syria, saying it’s another Bosnia or another Rwanda.

Beyond tragedy. The complete ineffectiveness of UN,NATO etc to reach any solution or show an effectiveness against Assad/Russia sets a worrying precedent for the future