Alex Cameron


it’s weird isn’t it? I’ve spotted myself recently and it’s like “shit are people actually reading this?”


Yeah the character driven songs are what hooked me in the first place but the humour was definitely much more bleak the first time round. It was very much in the vein of Nick Cave / Alan Vega. Hopefully he dials back the comedic elements of his work on his next record…


I’ve got slightly obsessed with this guy since speaking to him (he was really nice IRL) agree that the new album suffers a bit in the second half but the first half is pretty amazing. But man, ‘Taking Care of Business’ off the first one is stunning


Saw him as support for Angel Olsen last year when I was in NYC. Good double bill.


did they do the duet?


No. I don’t think they did.

I’d never heard of him before that gig.


might have not been written/finished yet if it was last year tbf



Looking forward to reading this! He’s definitely got a knack for a hook and all three of this years singles are proper ear worms even if the albums a bit of a disappointment.


it’s a very short “monologue” piece (like 300ish words) so don’t expect a huge thing, but i still got some interesting stuff!


he’s good


Thanks @jordan_229 for reminding me I never posted this. I’ve seen him live twice since then and I absolute love him. First record is def more consistent but the highs of the second are untouchable


I only got into him through seeing him live at Green Man last weekend and have been giving both albums a lot of spin recently. Agreed on what you say about both albums


Strangers Kiss (Duet with Angel Olsen) was probably my favourite song last year, and definitely most played.