Alex G

couldn’t see a thread and think he prob deserves one.

new record coming september I think.

Blessing is a bit of a curveball -

Runner is out soon? Appeared on youtube briefly and then vanished. Only place I’ve found it is here:

anyone else looking forward to new stuff?


one of the most weirdly underrated indie acts going at the moment imho

i know the style might have been slightly out of time for a while, but with your Soccer Mommys and your Snail Mails (rightly) blowing up, it seems odd that one of the best, most interesting bedroom indie pop stars isn’t bigger. Guess he doesn’t have much in the way of a personality tbh, seems like a quiet slacker to a tee

anyway, the run from DSU to House of Sugar is one of the best in the last decade, pretty much flawless - think I’d go Rocket > HoS > Beach Music > DSU. Haven’t explored the earlier stuff enough but the handful of tracks I know were always pretty amazing - so will set myself up for a deep dive soon I think. How he’s managed to expand his sound and add in folk, some electronic elements, The Boss style 80s goodness, glitchy guitar work, all brilliant stuff - best use of guitar harmonics since Modest Mouse too


think my personal favs would be (Bobby is easily one of my tracks of the last 5 years)


Saw him live once, really enjoyed it.

Never listened to him again.

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Prefer the old stuff if I’m being honest

Love him. Every album is great. Hard to rank them tbh. I think I have the most connection with Trick and DSU as they were the ones I heard first but he hasn’t put a foot wrong really.

I never get tired of this song

Has he lost the Sandy?

Spied a poster for a show here that was also missing it

yeah seems to be gone on evil Spotify again, odd

DSU is a wonderful album.


Yeah love him. Itches that modern Springsteen craving very nicely, especially on sunny days like today.


periodically remember him and really enjoy his albums when I listen to them, but just doesn’t stick for whatever reason.

Really liked this one when I saw him once.

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also it’s weird that he’s on Frank Ocean’s Blonde isn’t it?

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For me it’s DSU>HOS>Rules>Beach Music>Rocket>Trick, but I like them all. Never got into Race.

Love his production choices with screams, weird keyboard presets, simple seemingly meaningless lyrics and pitched vocals somehow making some really touching music.

There’s an absolutely mind-boggling amount of unreleased stuff (Unreleased Alex G - unreleased music) and some tracks he does live in arrangements that don’t exist in studio other than in very different forms - Soaker is the one that sticks in my head.
Alex G - "Soaker" & "Rules" (Live at WXPN's Key Studio) - YouTube

Absolutely love some of the deep cuts that just exist without any fuss at all:


yeah, and that version of OPN’s Babylon:

Come to think of it, that synth at the beginning of the new one is very OPN.

can see him in some of the live clips I think too - great crossover but yeah unusual! would be cool if he added his guitar magic to a few more projects in that way, in between his own stuff

Can see him sitting down at 3:30 on the big screen


also how “heavy” Animals goes live with the screams, compared to the version on Trick

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I don’t remember posting this


Always curse the fact that I only heard of him like three weeks after he played the Brudenell and he hasn’t been back here since

House of Sugar is one of my favourite albums of the last few years

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