Alex Lahey

She’s top isn’t she?

Lots of great poppy rock stuff about at the moment.

Any fans?


Yeah, loved her debut album.

Love that album. She was dead fun live as well.

do you know this band? reckon it might be your cup of tea

I don’t but I’ll check them out - thanks!

it’s an album of air guitar tunes about getting stoned and watching tv (more or less)

I enjoyed her album, though I enjoy her stuff more when it’s a single song popping up on the radio or in a playlist.

Her two albums are fucking brilliant and she’s a total legend

Listening for the first time now, liking this a lot

How have you not heard her before? Are you not in Aust anymore?

I also kinda love this

Yeah the debut is great

Also in the THPS remake soundtrack, top shit

I can’t make up my mind between the debut and best of luck club. Both have real highs

I like the ‘I want to live with you’ one. Both very sweet and a great song. Basically convinced me to move in with my girlfriend!

Been living in The Netherlands for almost three years now

From New Holland to Old…

Never let anyone accuse me of having my finger on the pulse.

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