Alice Coltrane (feat. that new comp)

Anyone else lizzening to the new Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda comp?

For some reason I thought this would be a bit emotionally flatter and new age than my fav 70s albums with the strings (World Galaxy & Universal Consciousness) but nope! The underlying dead happy/dead sad thing is still there. It is super heavy. When she stamps on the organ bass pedals it is the best. What u think

Also recently noticed that this album exists

which is almost her remixing John Coltrane. Got a copy but I haven’t had a proper listen yet. It is a shame Impulse doesn’t bother reissuing stuff that wasn’t well received at the time like that (see also Ornette At 12, the first album he replaced an adult drummer with his son [who was 12!!!])

Please discuss Alice Coltrane below thanks. How’s about when they are manipulating the tape of the string section in World Galaxy is it not the best

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Oh she’s amazing. Hare Krishna from the Universal Consciousness album is one of the most blissfully transcendent pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

I’ve got the new compilation, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet. It’s completely different to her 70s stuff, in that it can’t really be classed as jazz at all, but that doesn’t matter. Like you say, the weightiness is still there.

aye apart from the way she is playing some of the time it isn’t jazz at all! But you can tell it’s Alice Coltrane music from the first second it’s mad

The chaos that comes before Hare Krishna on that album also. Putting that stuff so close together makes it even heavier

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This sounds dead interesting, thanks! Definitely going to get this.

(Impulse are great though, almost always see those orange spines as a seal of quality)


Yeah this is a top-notch record—think I’m going to stick it on for some reading in a minute :smiley:

oh yeah definitely, it’s just that there seems to be even more quality sitting in the vaults just waiting to be reissued into a gr8 sounding cd in HMV for £3.99

She rules

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I do not even know but hey here is Blue Nile

EVERYONE HERE! Please do your self a favor and listen to journey in satchidananda by alice coltrane. Trust me its a journey worth going through! You can thank yourself later!

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that’s the best one to start with I reckon also ppl who are wondering

Here is Earthling Society covering the title track with loud guitars n that