👽🚀 OMG 🚀👽


alien alloys! UFOs! OMG!

biggest news story of the year and nobody cares!

how do we get president trump to release the secret files?

UFOs and that

So annoying when the alloys fall off, devalues the vehicle but you don’t really care about it other than when you’re going to sell it.







22mil is like half of burnley’s wage bill. probably put a bit more dosh in if it were serious.

I just wrote this to make myself feel better, I’m scared of aliens.




22mil officially (but secretly) though. who knows what they’re really putting into this program.

aliens being actually proven to exist could be the good news our world has been sorely lacking for so long. i for one welcome etc.


Dude I’m sure etc. Has been a commonly used term for your whole life. No need to welcome it


UFOs dude. Alien metals. Right here dude. Right on Earth. Bigger picture bro. Bigger picture.


Think I might as well quit my job tbh.


etc. isnt an alien, they’re just… different



So you’re in on the cover up too. A sad day indeed :pensive:



I think blueturtle was just using the common abbreviation for Extra Terrestrial Comrades


Ah, that explains it. I thought he’d missed out on the memo and had been stuck using &c.