Aliens 100% Confirmed

do you reckon some have assumed the forms of our existing cars and lorries in order to fit in to our society, or do you reckon ALL cars and lorries are actually aliens?

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Makes sense though, the military are the only ones looking up. The military and @Scout.


No, not all cars are aliens. The alien cars are fairly easy to spot though-



Just as the alien crystal is highly dependent on light (or whatever it was they dimmed), we are massively dependent on water and oxygen. Would be pretty easy to fuck us up by getting rid of either (if non-trivial).

Think the idea that civilisations millions of light years apart would want to fuck each other up is a bit overplayed I think. They’re no threat to each other, so why bother? Even the most aggressive human nation-states don’t suddenly decide to go and kill the entire population of Bhutan or wherever, because it’s miles away and pointless. Why expend the energy?

And if it’s natural resources you’re after there’s likely to be plenty in regions of space that aren’t occupied by other life forms.

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I forgot to answer this.

I think at the extreme end it could be difficult to conceptualise something that’s so different from what we call life and yet is still a lifeform. At the minimal end, though… what is life? (baby don’t hurt me) Is a virus alive? One definition would say no, because it can’t replicate itself without a host. But why does that have to be the definition? And if the definition is the ability to self-replicate, you can design some extremely minimal chemical systems that can self-replicate, so are those more like life than a virus? I have no idea.

The carbon thing I’m actually more or less onboard with. I don’t think it’s anthropocentric logic so much as it’s chemical reality; the periodic table is what the universe has to work with and there aren’t very many options for elements that can form complex molecules. We’re carbon based not just because of relative abundance of C, H, N, O, P, S etc but because those are the elements that are capable of forming different bonds and hence the kind of structures that can form templates of themselves for replication.

The old classic was “hey what about silicon-based life, that’s just one down the periodic table from carbon”, but silicon atoms are just too big to form multiple bonds in the way that carbon does. I wonder if anyone’s thought about life based on the kind of complex shapes that silicon/aluminium/oxygen complexes form - big cage structures and stuff.

The other chemical limitation is the water thing -why do we look for planets that can have liquid water? It comes back to the idea that anything we would recognise as life would involve self-replicating chemicals. That means liquid-phase chemistry, almost certainly. It also probably means catalysis. The list of possible substances that meets those requirements is really small - water and ammonia are the most likely for boring chemical reasons. Liquid hydrocarbons like on some moons of Saturn/Jupiter are possible but maybe less likely because they don’t have the same kind of chemistry as water and ammonia.

But I do think you’re absolutely right that we need to be really careful to avoid anthropocentric logic with these things. It’s kind of the same as viewing history through a European viewpoint, but massively magnified.


yeah we didn’t ask for a fucking science lesson, mate.



That’s it, you’re getting double homework.



Only joking. LOVED it.


Reading this article and I love this quote in it:

dolphins have had ~20 million years to build a radio telescope and have not done so.

:grinning: lazy dolphins


What is in the video

  • Alien
  • Human-made
  • A big misunderstanding

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Find it funny that even if a hyper advanced alien society contacted us and just gave us the keys to sustainable production and a post-labour luxury economy etc just out of kindness we’d still a.) try and kill them b.) people would still mostly be concerned with brexit and stuff


UFO sightings:

  • skunkworks aircraft/the footage released by governments is meant as a sly showcase of technologies to other world powers
  • aliums

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“We didn’t go through self isolation to be told what to do by some space bugs. Back in my day we farmed things at great expense and human cost, why should we change now”


Honestly believe the reason most UFO sightings happen in the US is because they’re the government probably spending trillions on stupid aircraft that never see the light of day.


its always near military bases too.

just find the idea that a spacefaring civilization could get consistently caught with its pants down performing aerial manoeuvres over earth for some reason by people with smartphones laughable.

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Yeah they always used to be near RAF bases over here too. Of course where would the aliens be most interested in? If I’m finding other life forms, I’m not flying thoisands of light years to look at them play in parks.

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don’t really understand why they’d need to observe from really short distances though. humanity has the technology to read car number plates from space, so I don’t get why aliens wouldn’t.

Show of force, or just to show off

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just our luck to get edgelord aliens, eh.

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