All aboard! The sleigh ride

I heard second hand from a Swedish person that it’s a tradition in Sweden to watch this on Christmas eve. HOWEVER, it looked too new to be part of a tradition (some of the footage is shot with drones) so I googled it (I spent a whole minute or two on this), it’s was only filmed a couple of years ago I think and there is no mention of it being a remake of an older programme. The question is, is someone lying to me or what?

Maybe they do a new one each year?

maybe the swede meant they go for a sleigh ride at christmas and you misunderstood them

Was this on UK TV? I saw something where a sleigh was going across some snowy part of the world in silence for ages, then eventually another sleigh passed in the opposite direction and they never even acknowledged each other (which seemed impressively anti-social).

Made a right dick of you mate. Probably wasn’t even Swedish.

yep, it was bbc4 over christmas (and the previous one)

I quite liked it

but it wasn’t even me she was lying to, it was a friend who then told me. Disgraceful.