All about Thursday eve



:bus: :pizza: :beers: :bath: :bed:



The Office


:thinking: :question:


:burrito: watching friends for some reason.

Might start the new :baby::baby::mountain:


Ah big double baby mountain fan




Going to my friend’s house to pick up my tv and books then going home and watching my boyfriend play ps4. Going to Belgium tomorrow and having to borrow antidepressants off my bf’s ex who hapens to be on the same ones. Quite weird but I think it’s cool.

I need something to look forward to. Does anyone want to get drunk and listen to music all night?


I think I might be well again after two weeks of fever

Feeling close to normal

Gonna celebrate by panicking about all the shit I was supposed to do in the last two weeks that I really need to catch up on


Early start tomorrow, despite taking a day off from the gym, because work has arranged a private viewing of the Charles I art exhibition at the Royal Academy.


Your :tv: or your :kissing_heart: ?





Lazy day today. Midwife this morning (everything is fine, big phew there). Then watched thriller films this afternoon. Tonight cooking up seabass, roasted med veg and cous cous. Early bed as I’m up at 4.30 yay!




can someone put on a clubnight of all the music I like?


Sounds like… wolf.
I didn’t realise where the “Dignity. Always dignity” line came from until I saw Singin’ in the Rain. A couple of football friends used it a lot, so I figured it came from a drunken night out.


thinking of having a birthday party where I do this bit scared nobody would come


:golf: ?


There seems to be no emoji for holly or oak


Just hire out a club where loads of people go anyway?