All Coffee Tastes The Same



Might do now though


had a mcdonalds flat white this morning

quite good


Really fancy a McDonalds flat white now


do mcdonalds still do donuts? treat yourself to a donut as well


Possibly. Just heading into Waterloo :thinking:


they aren’t as good as they used to be

the old cinnamon ones with choc on top were :ok_hand:


only do half donuts I heard


My parents refused to drink coffee that isn’t instant. It’s a constant source of tension when they visit. “have you got real coffee this time?”

Yes.I have plenty of real coffee but that’s NOT WHAT YOU DRINK.


Wellllllll my mum and her partner got in a huff when I told them I buy shit coffee just for when they visit, and insisted I make them “one of those fancy coffees” (an aeropress). So I did, they said “it was off” and then I popped some Gold Blend in a mug for them.