All comers welcome: Thursday Filth Thread

How many people do you fancy right now (public)

  • No one
  • Just the one
  • A handful of people
  • Daydreaming with quite a wide net
  • Literally everyone

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had this fucking disgusting dream the other night that there was a local bus permanently occupied by this gross lad that couldn’t stop jizzing in, on and around it.

just cum everywhere and everyone had to awkwardly find a clean seat or use tissues from their bag or pocket to wipe the windows to even see out of them.

in the dream it was really busy so i had to stand up but the bus smelt SO BAD and the lad was just sat in the corner with a big cummy tissue


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Fewer than in summer just due to people trying less hard, but still can be 10 on the way to and from work per day

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Massterbate on transit

I now fancy no one and willing not be partaking in any of the sex


Yes… yes… ok thanks Mum good to speak to you…can you put Dad on the phone now?


Getting more into some predictable male interests recently - heels, stockings etc. I don’t wanna be a stereotype :frowning:


I find this oscillates wildly depending on my general stress levels (quite high right now), self confidence levels (quite low right now) and the seasons (quite cold right now).

Plus I turned 40 in August and it’s had a low-key effect on my psyche. Keep catching myself thinking “fucksake man, you’re 40 years old.” This isn’t a specific libido thing, more of an over-developed sense of self-regulation

I’m happy to facilitate this thread for the rest of you hornbags.

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Had a really vivid sex dream about a well known actor who has been revealed to be a sex pest in recent years and it’s left me VERY confused.

I’m definitely a wild oscillator too, just a on bit of a hornbag phase at the mo.

I’d been feeling that long before hitting 40 too

Just randomers on the train sadly, so basically no actual chance of a relationship or of fun times

Not that there would be if I fancied anyone I knew / saw regularly

Much easier to fancy someone I don’t know. As I get to know someone the panic sets in “what if they don’t fancy me back? FUCK, what if they do?!?!?!, arrrrghghh, brain close off libido valve right now, that’s an order. brain: But you fancy them more now. NO I DON’T! STOP TALKING LALALALALA”

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wank wank wank


People with partners

  • I feel guilty about fancying other people (irl not on the telly or that)
  • I sometimes do
  • I never do

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I have particular celeb crushes

  • Yes, they’re really hot
  • Yes, they’re hot and talented
  • No, they’re just regular people you worshippers of false idols

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A slightly different question for me these days

Depends - there’s a limit isn’t there? I wouldn’t feel guilty for seeing someone’s selfie on here and fancying them a bit as a result. But if I developed a full-blown crush on a work colleague or something then I’d feel bad.


Yeah exactly. Seeing someone in my work or in the street and thinking ‘they’re alright’ etc doesn’t make me feel guilty really, and the selfie threads on here are just beyond hot, but I don’t know how I’d cope with anything deeper than that, luckily I don’t see it arising tbh.

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