All day Saturday Thread

Morning! I left the house at 6:30 this morning and am now enjoying a veggie breakfast at Charnock Richard. Turns out driving a big van is good fun. There’s a small toddler at the next table who won’t stop staring at me.

What are you up to today folks?

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World Cupping.

Might leave the house, who knows.

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Any good games on today?

Morning @laelfy

Rick Stein is on my telly, and there’s no coffee in the house. The day is not getting off to a great start.

Rick Steins great tho. Where is he?



I got up for a wee at 5.30 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Still, I got plenty done and I’ve already been out and done a photo shoot with someone who was up for doing it at 8am. I’m feeling very productive right now.

He was in Greece eating some kind of filo encased minced beef pasty. Would eat.

He’s finished now. Martin Kemp is on. Why am I watching this?

I think all the games look good.

France making fun of Australia.
Argentina struggling for a bit against Iceland then scoring a couple of nice goals.
Peru v Denmark should be fairly even and open
Croatia v Nigeria get to see Modric play some nice passes so doesn’t really matter.

Four games? Oooft, hope some dissers are going to employ a quality over quantity approach when it comes to their viewing…

I’m just catching up on love island in bed. I have a box fit class at 1.

I didn’t take my tiles back yesterday so I need to take my tiles back today

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I might watch one of the games in the pub to keep things fresh.

You’re going for the quadruple? :open_mouth:

Gotta schlep down to London to visit my grandma who’s in hospital. St. John’s Wood tube. Any of the walking encyclopaedias on here know if any of the tube stations north of SJW have a car park?

What else am I gonna do?

Completely failed at the triple yesterday so may not happen.

I don’t know why i keep booking my haircuts for before midday.

I always book my haircuts for 8am thinking what a great idea it’ll get me up and out for the day then it comes around and I’m :scream::scream::scream:

Oh my god why would you do that to yourself? Mine’s at 11.15 and I’m regretting it!

And the best strip in international football.


I must admit it feels good at 9am when you have new hair and the rest of the day ahead of you it’s just the shock of having to get up that’s the killer.

I think that Stanmore has a car park.

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