All encompassing furniture thread

Bought anything nice recently? After years of renting I’m looking forward to buying some actual nice shit. Currently weighing up this dusty pink velvet armchair, missus is enamoured. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!




It’s really lovely innit. Should look good against some cream coloured walls.

The best thing I’ve bought in recent times is my bed frame which I’m still so in love with 2 years on.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do when I move in with my bf early next year because he has the exact same frame in Copper/Brown.

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I love a different coloured/style arm chair in a room too.

I point out this all of the time when we go to Ikea cause I want it so bad but my boyfriend always says it’s too bright and he feels that if he sleeps in that chair, he’ll wake up with a shock each time because of the colour.


Ah that’s a beaut. We’ve been looking at upholstered bed frames, similar to the below but do love a metal jobby.

We have that chair in grey. Think it’s been sat in about 4 times in 3 years…

Will probably drag it to the new place for nobody to sit on it there as well.

Make bunk beds, obvs.

@japes, come laugh at this with me please

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Ooo, @xylo will not be happy with you…

Yeah me too. The living room in the new gaff is big but not huge so we’re whacking a navy marl 4 seater sofa in there and then hopefully that armchair. We’re trying to go for a New Nordic style.

If that yellow one was a bit more pastel-y I’d be all over it.

Here is the furniture in our front room:



That’s lovely that m9. Fucking loads of light in there.

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The photographer made it look really fucking good in fairness, no idea why I’ve just spent an absolute fortune in moving to a less good place that will cost us more money…

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I just want a massive leather wingback oxblood chesterfield thing to sit and be mean in


Have a footstool from IKEA in that colour.

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this is great

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that looks really clean

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Is it because of love for your significant other Tone?