All encompassing furniture thread

Afraid so

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Why do fools fall in love eh?

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yes - I ordered a new sofa the other week.

this, with a matching long footstool thing

Had to go modular as getting big furniture in my flat is a nightmare - also wanted to go 3 seater, but my front room is not quite big enough to take it. It is super comfy though, got to wait until the middle of august :frowning:

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Also recently bought a Victorian chest as a coffee table and a 2nd hand habitat leather chair

Still need to sort out the crappy laminate flooring and stuff in this room.

That looks exceptionally comfortable.

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man I stretched out on the one in the showroom and it was awesome - so deep

my current sofa you can see in the photo up there is super uncomfortable - never order a sofa online without actually sitting on one first kids

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are you still putting cups of tea on that radiator?


For another few weeks at least!

i’m worried about a spillage down the back of the radiator causing you to lose your deposit Ant

Please put that worry to the back of your mind, I am an exceptionally careful person.

Still makes me happy every time I see our kitchen table


We have this chair in grey. Same as yer man Antpoc I see.

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Upholstered bed frames 4 lyf, bruh.
More comfortable for sitting up in.

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Yeah big fan but we’ve got some pretty safe pillows so a metal frame shouldn’t mug us off too much.

Glad you’ve thought it through.
We’ve got this (without the trunk at the end)

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Lovely stuff! Like the wee curved bits at either end.

Yeah, really like that style - feels kinda nautical? We wanted this beast but couldn’t justify forking out mad $$$ for it

We’re persuing the cheap-y but nice minimal looking bed frame and expensive Eve mattress.

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They always use a wide angle lens which makes places look huge, but that does look huge, and nice.

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Aye, it’s nothing like as big as it looks there, the bay window goes a long way though