All encompassing furniture thread



Yeah this is for a loft room and when we came to look round the owners had a normal big bed in it and it made it feel really low and tight, so hopefully this will get around that


The good thing about the bed we have in there now is that you can store stuff under it, and having a loft room means virtually no storage space in the house. But I’m really keen the change the bed. Was fine in the old place, but yeah - makes the room feel tight.


Ours has a cellar which makes life easier re storage. Plus we don’t have much stuff


We’re pretty ruthless, but it is handy to have somewhere to keep spare bedding and whatnot. But just looking at the description again that that one you posted can have drawers under it…


Ordered. Superking cause why the bloody heck not. Where’s good for cheapish nice ish bedding and duvet covers and that


La Redoute do some nice stuff and always have £££ off.

Ikea is your friend for dirt cheap fitted sheets and pillowcases.


Isn’t IKEA a bit of a ballache for sizes being non-standard though


Hmm haven’t ever had a problem with them tbh. Been using their double fitted sheets for years. Really like this too but it was sold out when we were last there:


they used to be but not anymore


Ah, cheers. Reckon IKEA for the duvets & pillows, elsewhere for the covers


I remember looking at a while ago when we were looking at a sort of Japanese style bed, which I think is a bit like Threadless but for bedding and stuff.

They had 100s of great Japanese inspired designs that I liked, especially the simple geometic shape ones.

But it was a US site and hard to know what the quality was like etc, so never bothered.


Asda George



I’m looking for something very much like this but no more than 170cm x 193cm . Any ideas? This sort of price I guess.

Drawers are not essential.


Got some tiny low bedside tables for my tiny low bed




niiiiiiice, where from??


La redoute. Had 40% off everything so got 2 of them and loads of bedding (sorry meow)


I’m a la redoute fan

But did you order your pillow cases too? Cause they don’t come with the duvet set like I thought. I just had to send some back cause I forgot to order the pillow cases and now they’re sold out so pointless bedding.


We did indeed. Got a couple, not sure about them tbh but my gf understands colour and decorating much better than me so keeping shtum and trusting her judgment until the room is all put together


Ooh show me! I’m sure they’ll look nice. The one I got was thick white and dusty pink stripes. Quite gutted I didn’t get the pilow cases now.