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Love a bench on a dining table. Looks nice and neat when it’s tucked away.

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This is our newish dining table and chairs. White top with small child was a mistake in retrospect.


Yeah, we have a table like this and two benches in our kitchen:

Love that mortise and tenon bench man. Probably the only joint I can really give myself to at my age ahahahahahahaha.

It reminds me of the Dreamworks kid who fishes the moon out of that lake or whatever, I like to think you’re sat on a little stool or something out of shot to the right holding it. This is a compliment btw.

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I have liked your photo (you needy sod :wink:)


Actually just bought these drawers, unfortunately not very interesting, but I don’t have any drawers in my flat and needed some that would fit in a small space. They used to do ones with different coloured fronts but I was too slow and they’ve stopped doing them.

We have some from that range too.
They look good as low units along a whole wall.

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New sofa a few months ago that I’m still totally in love with.

(FB friends can see the GF and the cat asleep on it as it’s my cover photo)

We have that exact thing in our bedroom. 3 Nordli in a row.

Banned act.

Well, we have four.

Two with three drawers, and two with two.

how long should a sofa last?


  • sofa
  • settee
  • couch

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The sad truth is that sofa life expectancy is gradually getting lower and lower :frowning_face:

‘A few years ago, in 2006, the average life expectancy for a “good-quality sofa,” according to a survey of prospective furniture buyers, was 7.8 years, down from 12.1 years in 1996 and 14.2 years in 1985’.

Ikea: < 5 years
Any other brand: > 10 years

I hadn’t noticed that before, it counts for enough for me to hand out a like! Congratulations!

Might be some advice in here…

Ours is a 1960s frame off ebay, with new webbing and cushions. I’d expect that to last at least 15 years before it needs to be re-webbed/re-upholstered.

was just thinking… had mine about 5 years… it still looking good (habitat) but may need to start thinking about saving for one… looking about for designs etc