All encompassing furniture thread



Or one of those shite filament bulbs that are more style over substance.


I’ve got the lowest watt bulb I can find for it. No difference! It’s silver like a mirror inside so it’s like like looking directly at a lightbulb.

I just need to stop being a lazy cow and buy a new lampshade.


in the bin?


I got a berber from la redoute

It’s much better than my last Ikea monochrome rug which just showed up all the cats white hairs and her pale cat litter she drags around the house. Now we live in bliss knowing the rug is just as filthy but you can’t see it!


Justin Berber, rug perturber.

What? No, me either.


Really ties the room together.


is stuff from La Redoute actually nice quality? looking at coffee tables and rugs.


The bed I got was/is a bit wank, the duvet covers are good, and the corner TV stand I got was excellent (although I wish the top was fastened my dowels instead of having the screw heads visible).

So, variable?


spent £50 on FAKE plants in IKEA last week. Yes, fake plants, yes, this isn’t furniture. Don’t @ me



it’s £100 off orders over £200 at the moment which is pretty good

basically i like the look of these two:


The furniture is slightly better than Made; significantly worse than Ikea.

The soft furnishings and ceramics are decent.


I really like the Watford line but 'er indoors hates them.

My TV stand is this one:

And as great value for money I think. It’s really solid. The Ikea stuff like that felt extremely flimsy by comparison.


Dunno if this will help anyone but Urban Outfitters are having a flash sale on beds between 7-9pm if you use the code BEDTIME :eyes:


Ive got a fair few things from there and yeah it’s hit and miss tbh. The tv stand I have like that hairpin legged coffee table is probs the best thing. My sideboard has a few nicks and cracks but I got £40 for that cause I’m too lazy to get it swapped. My desk is good too but is a little flimsy


I’m really liking this cushion. Didn’t think I had particularly strong feelings about cushions, but here we are.


a cushion isn’t furniture


You’re right, I was wrong to crop out the other furniture from the photo. I apologise unreservedly.


Excuse me @aboynamedgoo, you posted a doormat in here. A doormat.


Smaller version of a rug. Are you telling me a rug is not furniture?


Yes, it’s a miniature floor.