All encompassing furniture thread

We’re going for this 4 seater French Connection lad.

literally sat here looking at that chair when your pic popped up, freaked me out

We had a look at that one before we bought ours. It looked okay, and was fairly comfortable, but I wasn’t convinced by the build quality compared to (eg) the John Lewis ones of a similar look.

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Me and the GF have this sofa. It’s huge and blummin’ comfortable, only gripe is that the wee button things on the cushions fall off as soon as you look at them.

Annoyingly I cannot be doing with bed ends as I’m too tall for any standard bed and my feet start to stick out. What will happen with a bed end is my toes will tense against it in my sleep and I then wake up with incredibly painful cramp in my calf that I can barely get under control.

Ah nice, yeah we went out to park our arses on it over the weekend and it felt very nice.

FFS, those Mauritian children need to sort their act out.

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Oh hi guests we hate you so you can sit on that side. Where the chairs have no backs.


I love it! Can I come live with you?!

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I would personally have the bench on the other side

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Didn’t we have this discussion last time that picture was wheeled out?

I agree. And that is how we do it in our house. But this looks neater / provides a more welcoming seat when the table’s not in use, I guess.

I’m a big fan of your keys.


Spent a long time there looking for @anon82218317’s house keys in that picture.

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I mean the keyboard keys.

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I realised, yeah :slight_smile: I thought it was implied that I’d worked it out. Whoops.

That’s because you’re not a sociopath.

Think it can depend on the type. I think ones like leather Chesterfields look fine when they’re knackered, but other types might not.

pfft…that would never take my full weight

Yeah, it seems to be getting a fair bit of attention, largely due to the Frank Lloyd Wright anniversaries and exhibitions, I think.

Have finally ordered a sofa.