All Gas No Brakes / Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan (CW: S*xual assault)

Supporting Tim & Eric?

If so… We were in the same room :open_mouth:

Tim & Eric Awesome European Tour, Great Job! Just Islands 2011
27th July

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Wow. What a night!!!

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This guy is so awkward

That’s a risque screenshot, sorry office drones.

Watched all of these now. Rocket launch one might be favourite.

Love that sudden change in direction halfway through. Goes from whooping Trump supporters to the geeky rocket lads and bros with a sincere love of golf arguing over who has the better friendship!

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That was surprisingly sweet. Fully expected the bros to just be total dicks and try and disrupt the whole thing but ended up being awkwardly tender.


Golf lads just wanted to party!

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Hunnnnnnn n-n-n-n—n-nn-n

Stone Cold’s gone wrong

The Sir Keir Starmer Story

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Not so keen on the bigfoot one, think the less Andrew says the better.

Is the podcast any good? Listened to a bit of the first one, and didn’t seem great.

Everyone watched his new project? Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan. It picks up right where All Gas No Brakes left off and it looks like they’re also doing some other stories no featuring Andrew on camera too.

The first one one is more typical of AGNB

This is their latest, a longer piece following 2 white twins who grew up in a black community in California


Also this probably needs a title change to include ‘Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan’ and should be moved to entertainment @Moderators

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why AGNB had gone quiet, I hadn’t realised he had a new project. Is AGNB over?

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they had some sort of dodgy contract with a network and when they tried to challenge bits of it they got fire


The new video has the underwater level music from Donkey Kong Country in it. Yet another reason to love this channel.

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The editing in this should win awards.

Also, give Andrew the Pullitzer now IMO.