All Hands Meeting

but I’ve only got two!

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Getting a bit of an echo

I miss the Town Hall meetings of my youth

Wonder what’s coming next in “big dull meeting” nomenclature?

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Exhaustive Beings Gathering

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All Hans Meeting


Sorry, can everyone who’s not presenting mute themselves please?

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These new ones have no mute, only presenters can talk, then you get the amazing bit where they transfer to the next presenter who spends 30 seconds not realising they’re on screen.

“I guess you can hear me?” (long pause)

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I have already attended an all hands this afternoon

Now I am on something simply billed as a “global call”

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There are 8 psychopaths / bumlickers with their cameras on (who aren’t presenting)


This is out of 88 people

Is the meeting being recorded?

You can bet your ass it is

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Sorry ma0sm, this is the facilitator. I’m afraid we can’t see your slides. You’ll need to restart your share for everyone.


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Right now I’ve got a real hankering for a…

  • All Hands
  • Town Hall
  • Team Meeting
  • Daily Sync
  • Stand Up
  • Team Virtual Social

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Have to run stand ups every day, despite it not really being my job

Makes me begin every day with a feeling of imminent dread as a result (calls are at 8:30 every day)

I want a slow start to the day, this is not my vibe


How many people in the meeting?

Ignore: just saw you said it’s 88 people. Definitely psychopaths.

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@hankscorpio you are such a good employee x