ALL NEW lord sugar on twitter


thought i’d revive one of my favourite threads from the old board with this classy comeback from last week:

Looks like someone has sown up your mouth it looks like a cats anus

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) 12 September 2016





looking sharp!

apprentice starts tonight, so there’s bound to be some belters in the coming weeks as well.


YES! Fucking love this jammy little critter and his tweets/comebacks.

Legitimately devastated that I won’t get to watch any Apprentice episodes live this year until the end of the episode. The first episode of a new Apprentice series is my Christmas every year, and for the first time in years I’m missing it. </3


excellent example setting from the boss there


This man is an actual treasure


Classic bit of management there


love that ricky martin’s twitter profile says “winner of the apprentice and total wipeout”






His gags are so endearing cause theyre all so shit




good gags from his live commentary last week

lord sugar @


They’re fucking beautiful.



I recently discovered a twitter search technique that is possibly obvious to normal people who understand the internet and that, but it was new to me. Anyway, here is every tweet where Lord Sugar thought something “looks like” something else:

The search looks like this: looks like from:lord_sugar




Hours of fun to be had. This is his “tosser” search…


forgot how brutal he is