All of my CDs

I’ve got all of my CDs again because of the house etc. Decided I’m going to listen to them all in order, on my commute. I am 3 albums in.

  • You will stick to this and see it through
  • No chance you’ll even get to the end of the As, what were you thinking?

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  • It would be fun and interesting to read your opinions on the albums, perhaps on that website you were on about doing
  • Please don’t do this to us

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So far I’ve realised I hadn’t listened to any of the first 3 all the way through before. I think at the very least this will get more of my money’s worth out of things I’ve already invested in.

My life, eh?


How many approx?

I actually did this not too long ago. Was about 250 CDs and didn’t actually take that long as had plenty of opportunity for music listening at the time.

c. 1500 :grimacing:

Only doing the albums, and no compilations or anything.

My commute is 50 minutes ish, so should be around two albums a day.


Really enjoyed this, which is somebody cutting his 2000 CD collection down to 1000.

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Ah, that’s what I had in mind for the endgame of this. Definitely some guff in there I can offload.

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Maybe ok if you allow yourself to skip the ones you know straight away you aren’t going to like.

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Sounds like most good ideas: ultimately too much effort required to bother.


I’ve been doing this, since the start of March 2020 ish. Enjoyed it. Deepened my appreciation in some cases and it’s good to be ruthless to out things it turns out I don’t like after all or just don’t feel I need.

Oh I’ve not been doing it in order though, I think committing to a structure would have been a bit much for me. And the writing about it too. If you decide to do it best of luck

Yeah, had a big charity shop cull recently where I meant to listen to everything before I got rid of it but in a number of cases I took one look and wondered what the hell I was thinking when I bought it.

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I’ve always quite fancied doing this but according to Discogs I have 1,660 CDs :grimacing: also, how would I find time to listen to new stuff as well? Personally I think it would become a chore quite quickly so have always resisted starting.

Follow a few people on Twitter who seem to buy hundreds of CDs from charity shops. Guess they are so cheap it’s a way of discovering new stuff but jeez 99% of the stuff looks like absolute bilge.

Really want to reclaim mine at some point. They’ve been in boxes at my mum’s house since 2011, so they’ll be a proper snapshot of my 20s. Bet there’s loads of good stuff in there I’ve not thought about in years.

(And loads of trash as well)

I tend to listen to new stuff during the day (as well as music league), enjoy having a CD on in the car. Think it should work out well.

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I did a full listen through when I’d had to move boxes of CDs from flat to flat when I moved.

It was very helpful in cutting down the ones I thought were worth keeping and also discovering hidden gems.

I like the idea of grouping by artist.

If I do write this shit up, that’s definitely the way forward. Thanks.

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I, for one am VERY on board with you putting yourself through this misery


I tried this a few years back. Think I got about as far as Ben Folds Five and that was about it. I wish you well on your endeavour, though, and look forward to the updates!

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I was thinking about doing this next year.

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i wish you all the very best on your doomed venture


1500 one-line album reviews might work as a Twitter project.