All Points East 2019

First line-up details announced Tuesday at 9am.

Last year was probably the best organised day festival I have ever been to.


Me too. Every thing about it was great.

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We’ll know half the Primavera line up then

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Yeah, I really enjoyed last year – decent atmosphere, well organised, not many dickheads, good scheduling. Depending on my cash situation I’d absolutely just go to that, and maybe Field Day, instead of splashing out on Primavera. Imagine a lot of people will be doing the same after last year’s ‘test run’.


Just hope they don’t do something stupid like double the capacity while keeping the same layout and facilities.

Who do you reckon/want to see headline?

Seen a few names floated that seem good bets, such as: Bon Iver, Disclosure, Byrne, Massive Attack, Vampire Weekend…

Massive Attack have their own O2 show to sell so they won’t be playing. Bon Iver seems to be doing the rounds next year though which is a good shout.

Pretty smart of All Points East to announce a bit chunk so early and get a jump start on all the festivals around the same time that’ll inevitably have similar lineups.

This is a good point re: MA – I agree largely, however they sold out their Bristol show very quickly and added another, so if they can sell out the O2 quickly too…? Who knows.

Bon Iver’s been doing the festival circuit for three consecutive summers now. He tries, but he’s just not headliner material. He gets the mix right of booming sub bass, bleepy bloops, strobe lighting and indie folk for the first couple of tracks and then it just trails off


Still sells, though.

Oh, I know one of the headliners. One day will be dancey.

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I think they’re probably a good tip for Primavera and a bunch of the European festivals but I’m almost certain A.P.E would have asked for exclusivity/no other London gigs if they were going to headline.

Heard good things about last years. I’ll consider it

Ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant


Went to hapf the days this year. The XX day was oversold and a bit frustrating for clashes, but LCD anf National days were great, with well thought out line ups, good sound and atmosphere, with the only real exception being the seeming afterthought of the X stage, or whatever that distant murmur was. Looking forward to this announcement.

Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, Hot Chip, Little Dragon & Spiritualized…

Chemical Brothers have really gotten around lately, not that exciting a booking to me even though I love them dearly.

Is it 1998…?:confused:


Bit unimaginative, although I could probably enjoy that if it is all on a single day. Excellent to see Hot Chip are kicking back into action next year (unless it’s a DJ set).

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