All Points East 2019


Only Bring Me the Horizon and Christine and the Queens days have sold like shit. The others have done ok. Strokes day is the fastest selling weirdly.

So offers for others day won’t be as good as that Vodafone one.


Not surprised that these two dates are struggling with sales. As soon as I saw the line ups I thought that there was a high likelihood of getting cheap tickets for both to see a few acts I like further down both bills.


Why are people pretending to like Field Day now? This time two years ago not even the organisers’ mums had a good word to say about it.

APE last year was excellent - they’ve shat the bed a bit this year (though by no means a disaster) but I’m genuinely surprised to see people deploy the “JUSTICE FOR FIELD DAY” hot take


Because people’s memories go back further than two years. I had 3 really great trips there between 2015-2017


I’d say if anything the complaining got worse the further you went back. Would check into the yearly Field Day thread from about 2012 and every year 90% of posts were saying “shit sound, couldn’t hear anything, full of dickheads” - if you genuinely enjoyed it then fair enough but it just seems really strange to me that people seem nostalgic for it after the years of justifiable derision.


In fairness you have made a good point, although I did find much of the criticism to be hyperbolic. In 2017 they seemed to have sorted their shit out a lot. Sound was great, as was the organisation. In general, city day festivals are pretty rubbish and Field Day did a lot of things right, despite falling to many of the common shortcomings.

There’s always a degree of rose-tinted glasses with this sort of stuff but personally Field Day felt like a good, grassroots event made by people who properly loved the scene and were well known locally. I’m sure previous central location adds to that rose-tint effect.

Now I haven’t been to APE as was at Primavera last year and I’m not against going in the future but they’ve left a proper foul taste in my mouth by essentially fucking over one of the capital’s best festivals. I think a lot of us are just being protective over an event we enjoyed and a group of organisers who’s event has been massively impacted by APE and their infinitely deep pockets


Field Day started out shit yeah, but it was really quite good for 3-4 years and 2017 I’d even say was great. Last year was a step back - mainly due to the site. Would much prefer FD over APE in Victoria Park.


That’s a good explanation. Genuinely hadn’t heard an opinion about APE vs FD other than “thank god, it’s like Field Day with a proper (LCD) Soundsystem and a competent organiser”

Interesting to hear about the local community/scene bit. Always wondered why a big corporation like Golden Voice did all those free events in between the two weekends for the local community (plus I heard they generally were a bit more generous to locals than your average ginormo-festival but this might go some way to explaining that in more cynical terms


I think the eclectic nature of the lineups was also a big pull. In 2016 or something I got to see Death Grips, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Fat White Family and PJ Harvey all on the same bill. In 2017 you had Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Oh Sees, King Gizzard and countless others I have forgotten on the same bill. It had a little something for everybody when it came to that particular size of artist and im completely ignoring other elements which didn’t really interest me.

I only missed three of them in the 10 or so years it ran, and there is no denying it had problems with sound and dickheads (which gig/festival doesn’t), but there was rarely a duff year lineup wise and it never broke the bank either. Seeing Les Savy Fav in 2009ish in the pouring rain remains one of my favourite memories.

Probably a little rose tinted, but I think that is why people look more fondly up on it than maybe they once did.

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When Field Day was a two day festival, the Sunday was always great - plenty of space, no queues, could happily wander from stage to stage sampling some good acts.

The Saturday was always shit for cunts however…


Ta, got a ticket for C&TQ day.

Sure it will be pretty underwhelming, but I’m seeing friends round the corner for lunch on the day, so £33 to see a handful of stuff that might be alright doesn’t seem like such a massive punt.


Got an official competition email offering the chance to win free tickets if I give all my contact details to Huawei :thinking:

Glad to see that APE are keeping their fingers firmly to the pulse.

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Yes got one to apply for tickets to some kind of Huawei viewing area for unrestricted views of the main stage…hmmmm no thanks won’t be giving up details for that. Seem to remember the views are fine everywhere???

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Has £2.50 ticket day happened for this yet?


Very weirdly, no, Christine day is surely half empty unless they do something…


Dice are running a competition for free tickets to all of the days - doesn’t say how many are up for grabs but would bet there’s quite a few on the go…

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50 tickets for C&tQ, £3.50 each, for SFF members -


Very much hoping this is a “difficult second album” scenario rather than the beginning of a rapid collapse into oblivion.

Seem to have completely overlooked the fact that people came and loved it last year predominantly because of a fantastic lineup and they haven’t built up enough brand loyalty to draw people in based on goodwill for last year alone


They won a pretty long contract, right? Sure they’ll have to take the dip in sales on the chin this year and go back to what worked well last year. Also feel like ‘brand loyalty’ isn’t really a thing when your event is so clinical and corporate (not to say that it wasn’t good!)


I think it’s also difficult when it’s splitting the vote across multiple weekends – I know tonnes of people that would see Bon Iver and the Chems and Christine, for instance, but shelling out £65+ three separate times to spend three separate days in Victoria Park seems like a pain in the arse.

I went last year and couldn’t fault it, but it definitely feels like they’ve overstretched a little this year.