All Points East 2019


That looks like that’s the Friday 24th May line up according to an ad in Time Out.




Just announcing the one day is a little underwhelming isn’t it


Also - Danny Brown!


Indietronica :thinking: :laughing:


Hoping the two remaining days raise the bar. I shall not be going on the Friday.



That’s a big nope for me… :disappointed:


Spiritualised - worst live band ever.
No thank you.


Pretty hot take there


what you chatting about? Incredible at Primavera Sound


Think it depends on the venue


(playing guess the band)

Super Hans: widely acknowledged to have stolen our sound

Jez, without hesitation: Chemical Brothers


hot… potato… hot… pie?


SHITE at the roundhouse a few years ago.
Stood on the side of the stage like some junkie-cum soul poet, Bono style sunglasses on inside.


Yeah, they’re hit-or-miss for me but could be really nice doing a hazy summertime set.

Not an incredible first announcement to be honest but I guess we’ve got a few other days to make up for it.


Looks like rather than being a festival weekend then ‘APE presents’, it’s just Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 this year.


Stodgy as fuck


despite liking at least one of those artists i’d go as far as to say this belongs in the awful festival lineups thread :smiley:


The Chemical Brothers- Just Press Play? I thought they might struggle to match last years’ line-up- I went to The National’s day, but we’ll see.