All Points East 2019


Are they playing it safe Brexit-wise by mostly booking UK-based acts? Will be interesting to see the other days.


It feels quite unimaginative as a lineup but with 25 bands still to be announced for that day (and they’ll gobble up a lot of up and coming acts), I’d still wager there would be enough to satisfy most indie people.

The problem with the bill is that the three top names are well past their prime.


Even the graphic looks like it was knocked up in the early 00s


How does this festival work then, is that lineup that’s been announced the first day of a three-day weekend festival? Just because I’ve been sent a pre-sale link and it has day tickets for that (about £70), but no mention of weekend tickets.


I have real issues with the artwork for this festival. It’s so naff.


Next line up, tomorrow at 9am.


They only sold day tickets last year, although they did combo deals with a slight discount if you bought two or three in a package.


Anybody seen who APE have started following on Instagram lately? :eyes: :eyes:


I have not


To the log cabin!


Some are from bandsintown too - Bon Iver, First Aid Kid, SOPHIE, Sufjan (don’t think this will happen), Mitski, Tallest Man on Earth, John Grant, Snail Mail, Julien Baker, Mac DeMarco


looks like it might be BMTH being announced tomorrow


Bournemouth? Awesome - the Cherries squad doing a talk then some keepie-uppies?



yeah although apparently they’re only supporting, with Salomon Rondon HEADlining


Imagine if…


Damn I have zero interest in that line-up.


Green Man for people who hate camping.


To be fair, Green Man for people whop hate camping is a pretty solid festival idea.


What does that even mean


Can you buy day tickets ? Still haven’t seen Julien Baker or Tallest Man On Earth