All Points East 2019


Chemical Brothers day

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Bon Iver day

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Hoping all that lot have signed exclusivity agreements and then wont be on at End of the Road.


Snail Mail posted this slightly different poster (with Connan Mockasin and Mitksi) on her facebook


Lots of bands I like on the Bon Iver day, but can’t imagine many of them will be great on an outdoor stage with pretty draconian sound limits…


Cool. Was wondering where Mitski was!


Looks like it’s a fairly standard Green Man lineup only it’s not a camping festival.


Really good undercard


Guess we were a bit spoilt with the 2018 line up


agreed, would like quite a few of those at Primavera Sound


That day will do pretty well I think, Mac DeMarco and First Aid Kit are both really popular just now.


Are Bon Iver going to put out another album next year seemed to have been touring the last one for what feels like forever now and seem to have a few festivals lined up.


Really hope they’re not headlining Primavera again


Funny I had the same thought as well.


The assumption amongst the Bon Iver die-hards is there’s probably a new record coming because he’s been premiering new bits here and there. They’re also being announced for a lot of EU festivals next summer.

Would be surprised if Primavera had him again so close to the last one though.


would be odd if they were at Primavera so soon after last appearance. Interestingly it seems New Order might be playing.


I saw them on Friday at Ally Pally, and their setlist, visuals and the treatment of the songs (basically everything became a rave banger) suggested that they were being lined up as headliners for a few summer festivals.

Primavera and maybe All Points East would be my first guesses.


was at the bjork day this year and the sound was absolutely great even tho i was bloody miles away

one of the reasons that all the DiSers who went were so impressed with the entire thing


I was at the Nick Cave day. I concur, the sound was brilliant.


@beastie That’s interesting and good to know - I didn’t attend any of the events last summer but my friends who went to The National day were not impressed. Field Day was always a bit dodgy on that front too!


If they like the National, I wouldn’t trust their ears.