All Points East 2019



Could be tempted by that. I actually like most of that line up, all the way down to Cuco


Seems like an ok line up but one that might struggle to pull the punters in?


What’s with the crossing out? Is that just stylistic for the artist?

I like that Christine and the Queens album plenty but surely they/she would be the smallest headliner ever at a major festival?


yeah, not sure how big Chris is. I mean she easily sold out two nights at Hammersmith last month, as part of what seemed to be a pretty sold out UK tour, but Hammersmith is what 4k, and APE is something like 40k-60k depending.


well on the one metric that counts more than all others, she has 1.49m monthly listeners on Spotify, compared with Bjork’s 1.40, so no.


As if anyone listens to recorded music these days mate :wink:

I’m talking ‘All In’ numbers here :wink:


you got something in your eye there? remember it’s always better to try to blink it out than to stab your finger directly into your eye.


So that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years!


If the Bjork gig was heavily papered, then this definitely will be too.


Not really inspired by these line ups, but then remember I didn’t really give a shit about 90 % of the people playing last year and still had a really great day out!


None of these three days have made me go WOW like that LCD, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Young Fathers day did last year.

It’s a shame because I probably won’t make Primavera this year so was considering going to a full weekend of this.

Fingers crossed for Field Day.


None of these really appeal to me, which is a shame. Last year’s line ups were brilliant imo


Yeah after saying “that was brilliant, I’ll definitely go again next year” at the end of APE 2018 this has totally knocked the enthusiasm out of me. I do like the undercard but even that is significantly weaker than last year’s. Love Bon Iver but if his Primavera 2017 headline set is anything to go by he doesn’t really work at that level (was fantastic at Usher Hall in 2012 mind). Listened to the Christine and the Queens album again this morning and I do like it but it’s not enough to really sell a day ticket to me let alone the whole weekend.

But 2018 was so much fun and it did stop me from crying about missing Primavera :disappointed:

Will have a think about it


This year’s lineup is not terrible but it’s definitely much weaker than 2018. Looking back, they did a brilliant job - possibly the best lineup I’ve ever seen in London for a fest.


That Christine and the Queens line-up would be a fun day out, but not for £70. Reckon “£2.50 tickets” are very much on the horizon for that one.


Ezra Collective are brilliant, one of the best live acts around at the moment. You couldn’t pay me to watch the rest of that though.


Thought actually in hindsight 2011 atp I’ll be your mirror was even better (at least for my tastes)

  • Portishead
  • Grinderman
  • Swans
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Beach House
  • Caribou
  • Alan Moore & Stephen O’Malley
  • Liars


Yes! The best festival I’ve ever been to by some distance.


Jaberwocky had a hell of a line up

Edit: Monumental fuck up/huge mismanagement they couldn’t sell this out to be honest