All Points East 2019


This is too painful to look at.


No festival will be as good as the cancellation thread


Yeah, I had a ticket to that too. What a cock-up.

ps Dyson Airblades.


Do we know how few tickets they actually sold? That line up and that price, just seems baffling that they couldn’t shift them.


I thought they had shifted tickets, they just couldn’t actually afford to pay any of the bands. I may be mis-remembering though


Totally plausible that. I.e. all the old debt brought this down.


I’d forgotten how good a line that was. Reminds me that I really want another Darkside album and tour


I thought they couldn’t afford to promote it and too many people who would know about it by word of mouth were rightly wary of the promoter and the venue and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not paying the bands up-front never stopped them before


That is TASTY!


They’ve announced two more days:

Friday May 31: Bring Me The Horizon, Run The Jewels, IDLES, Scarlxrd and Nothing But Thieves

Sunday June 2: Bon Iver, Mac DeMarco, First Aid Kit, John Grant and Conan Mockasin


I appreciate them putting on a heavier day but it’s definitely not for me.

Struggling to see who this festival is for this year. Not got any identity.


The Bonny Bear one was announced ages ago.
@lastdino I don’t see why it’s that different from last year identity-wise (i.e. none, really),

I mean look at this

e: although I suppose these were always “one off days”, APE presents or whatever. They’ve dropped that this year, but only in name, imo.


Maybe the correct theme is “Primavera-ish, until we run out of acts to book.”


I forgot about that day, but generally I think the rest of the lineup fell pretty neatly in to the broad alternative, indie and pop spectrum that is prevalent today at festivals like Primavera etc


Yeah, you’re right. Guess you’ve gotta get what you can when you have to put on enough music for 6 days a year instead of 3.


Scratching my head at the BMTH day line up. Idles would be a big draw but a lot of people will be put off by the headliner. Quite a missed opportunity given the buzz around them at the moment imo.


I would bet a significant amount of money that Idles will have a big Glastonbury moment next year. Late Saturday afternoon on the Other Stage or Pyramid I would guess. Localish band and all that will probably help


So two more Saturdays to announce?

The best thing about these lineups is that there may be some discounted tickets available which will make it tempting to see some of the impressive under card.

Headliners are all very meh.


Yeah I can see that. Either way, they will be getting good slots across the festical circuit next year.


Primavera announcement has very much put this in perspective, hasn’t it? Last year APE shared two headliners with Prima, now they’re asking people at 6 or 7 on the bill at Prima to headline (with the exception on Bonny Bear)

Think they needed a bit of a “financially responsible” year after blowing the bank on opening year?