All Points East 2019


An I’ll be your mirror day was my personal favourite too.

Portishead. PJ Harvey. Company flow. Beak>. MF Doom. Factory Floor.

All amazing.


Just don’t think the big acts they’d book are touring around that time, and they weren’t bold enough to book the kind of headliners that Primavera have in the absence of the usual suspects. Not getting big draws = not selling tickets = not a financially responsible year.

(Also fwiw Primavera have booked Bonny Bear as Big Red Machine, they obviously just didn’t want to get him to headline again)



Pretty solid. The Strokes were terrible last time I saw them but Raconteurs/Interpol/Jarvis/Courtney/Connan Mockasin in the sun with some beers sounds like it could be potentially great.


Some quite good new additions to the other days too. If this is the kind of thing they’re going to have in the coming years then I can’t see Field Day lasting much longer, to be honest.


This is an absolutely cracking line-up. All over this.


The Strokes were excellent when I saw them at Primavera but I was right at the front and I have heard they’re rubbish more often than not these days.

The other half likes the idea of going just for that day but headliner aside it’s probably the day I find least exciting :confused:


Also The Nude Party aren’t really my thing (very CCR sounding) but I shadowed a sound engineering job at one of their gigs last year and they were very nice people to everyone working on their show


Can already vividly picture the crowd on Saturday who are there for Strokes/Jack White/Interpol/Johnny Marr/Jarvis


Kind of thing I’d enjoy but wouldn’t spend £75 on


gonna be a few trilby hats on display


i loved the Strokes on £2.50 ticket day - no idea how actually ‘good’ they were but they’re just a singalong band at this point anyway surely, not expecting some sort of musical excellence from them


Slightly excited about this now :ok_hand:


Yeah that’s a pretty strong line up now. Has Spiritualized vanished from the first day though?


This was a typo - they’re back on the updated version


The whole weekend looks solid enough now. Can see it appealing to a number of people who aren’t bothering with Primavera.

As a side note, why does Christine and the Queens logo make it look like they’ve cancelled? Terrible design.


It’s an idiotic idea. Ruins the look of the poster, isn’t clever, is just totally daft.


I quite like it, the Chris/Christine and the Queens thing. It’s far from the worst thing about one of the ugliest poster designs I’ve ever seen.


Y2K aesthetic is a thing for some reason.

And as for Chris, it’s not the look of it, it’s the practicalities. It literally looks like they’re not playing.


She explained the reason behind the scribbling out ages ago though? Don’t mind it personally, it’s quite a clever way of making sure people know it’s the same artist.