All Points East 2022

First headliner to be announced soon.
Place your bets.

Haemostatic Picnic Races

How soon is soon?

I for one welcome the APE street team to DiS


Arcade Fire, My Chemical Romance, Lana Del Rey

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Whoever it is, you can guarantee the sound will be absolute shite

Rob Zombie
The eagles

Need to stand behind a delay stack. Always found the sound to be pretty reasonable for a festival.


Slightly to the side and it’s dreadful

Was right at the back, as in, next to the food stalls for The Strokes and it was fine. Bizarre sound system.

Paul McCartney, he’s already announced it


A spectacle monopolised


Tame Impala with Caribou, Glass Animals, Whitney and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.


They’ll chuck some reasonable DJs on there too, will look like a Field Day lineup.

That’s an ok line up, Tame on a UK exclusive too apparently. Will sell well I guess.

I think arcade fire are being talked about on efestivals. Apparently NiN were on the cards but aren’t touring next year now. Lana del rey seems likely.

Oh and I think Friday is touted as the first announcement.

Has anyone picked up this, a new festival called ‘Wide Awake’ in Brockwell Park?

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