All Points East 2022

9th even!

Negronis are very reasonably priced

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Amusingly different crowd today compared to yesterday

Why don’t Mogwai play any of their nasty songs

Oh wait. And we got We’re No Here :joy:!!


Stuart m8 get off DiS and play like herod


I see tickets for the Nick Cave day have been and gone on that NHS website too. Get a notifications system, for fucks sake like :triumph:

Fleet Foxes last night was the best sound I’ve ever heard at a festival. They were brilliant too, of course.


Cried like a child at Rylan, had a very emotional time with some of my best friends who this band also mean so much to, had a beautiful time


Interesting. I saw Fleet Foxes Thursday at Islington Assembly Hall on Thursday night and although I really enjoyed the gig, I thought the sound was a bit on the muddy side. Maybe better suited to outdoor venues?

I had a great time yesterday, even if it didn’t meet my expectations.

Started off with Rae Morris at the main stage, which was a nice set.

I then popped over to see Cassandra Jenkins, who I haven’t been gripped much by other than Hard Drive, and unfortunately she left that to the last song which I had to miss as I had to swap stages again.

Next was Tune-Yards, who were great upbeat fun, especially Gangsta.

Then walked to the other end/stage again to see Valerie June who was a pleasant surprise. Nice catchy songs and stage presence.

Next was Villagers, who I’ve not seen in a long long time. Was fine enough.

Perfume Genius were decent, with Queen being an obvious highlight.

I caught the last few songs of Public Service Broadcasting, who were nice to dance to for a bit, including catching Go, but was fine with just the 3 or for songs.

Then we saw Fleet Foxes, who despite seeming like they should be my thing with their harmonies and sound… I just don’t find them that exciting. The songs never seem to develop enough to excite me.

And finally The National. The setlist wasn’t great for me, maybe a few too many songs from an album or two of theirs that I’m not that keen on, and a couple of reworkings of songs that I wasn’t quite convinced with, and so it didn’t seem as good to me as their last APE festival set. But it was still great fun, and I can never get bored with Mr November and About Today ending proceedings.

A couple of nice photos of Tune-Yards and Valerie June:


That tune yards one is great! :smiley:


Any spares going for tonight lads

Went on Friday and had a fantastic time. APE seems to have a fair few detractors, but I thought it was a great set-up. The sound was clear and loud on all of the stages. Toilets were clean and plentiful, and there were virtually no queues for food or drinks.

One issue I had was that catching up with different people at different times meant I missed parts of some of the sets I wanted to catch, but that’s a bit of a occupational hazard with these sorts of one-day city festivals I find.

Started with Cassandra Jenkins - she was a big draw for me, as like many people I’ve fallen in love with ‘An Overview…’. However, her performance was a little slight and perhaps a bit too laid back. I appreciate that’s in keeping with the tone of the songs, but it kind of prevents you from getting drawn in. Of course, an early afternoon festival slot is hardly ideal for her sort of music, so I will aim to catch her at her own show before forming a solid opinion.

Valarie June was next. Her stage banter, performance and outfit were all great, but I didn’t get all that much from the songs themselves. Good fun, but not massively drawn to catch her again.

Only caught the second half of Lucy Dacus, but she was fantastic. A powerful presence on stage, and very adept at pivoting from dark and serious to upbeat and fun from song to song, which worked brilliantly. Wish I’d see her whole set - will have to catch her when she’s back on her next tour.

Again only made the second half of Perfume Genius annoyingly, but thought it was great also. Intense and emotional. Need to catch a headline show of his also.

A big surprise for me was Public Service Broadcasting I saw them before at APE in 2018 and thought it was nice enough, but nothing all that special. I only went because my mates were keen. Not sure if it was because it was in the tent, or they’ve just developed as performers in the intervening years, but they absolutely stormed it on Friday! Had the whole tent dancing away - huge fun.

That did mean I only caught half of Mogwai, but I have seen them quite a few times before. Great as always.

I’m into double figures on the number of times I’ve seen The National, and if I’m honest I was maybe more excited about catching some of the supporting bill I’d never seen before, than their headline performance. But they were on top form and it was a great show. They really know what they’re doing and they do it really well. I personally would have preferred to have more songs from the most recent album I haven’t heard live before, and fewer from the two before that, but it’s a minor quibble. A little disappointed the rumours of a Taylor Swift appearance proved to be false, but otherwise a great end to a great day.

I’m ten mins walk from the park and can hear Nick Cave very clearly right now from the comfort of my home. More than a little sad though that I’m not back in there this evening…


I’m a huge fan. Her Order Of Time album was my pick for the best album of the year of its release.

I love this song:

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Sir Nick Cave everyone


He was bloomin’ excellent. An absolute icon.


Aye always a pleasure, big fan of Anna Calvi covering TV on the Radio and Suicide too

Yes, thought he was superb, great mix of old and new and the sound was really good. We got a good spot so stayed at East stage all day, really enjoyed all the support acts as well, especially Kae Tempest and The Smile.

This has been a really good festival over all four years hasn’t it? Very very dependable.