All Points East Festival

New festival in london from the organisers of Coachella. Line up looks very strong so far:

Anyone know ticket prices?

Bjork day is strong, but seeing her (anyone) in Victoria Park is a last resort, really. Hopefully she’ll play Primavera

Ticket prices and pre-sale info (expand the post):

Where the heck is the apply to play option. That’s what I want to know

So it’s £60 per day + 10% bf. Or £90 +10% for the VIP ticket. Has anyone experienced the VIP package? The extra £30 would pay for all my food and a few drinks.

I won’t buy in advance. If it’s dry on the day, I’ll turn up and pay at the box office. It’s never a sell out unless it’s Radiohead.

Presale now open and there’s minimal savings in buying 2/3 day tickets. A few quid gets shaved off the booking fee and that’s about it. It’s not even halved.

Yeah, it’s all a bit pricey for me, especially if it’s going to be a giant
field with terrible sound. Still a bit tempted by the line up though. Do we
know the capacity of the site?

Don’t know about this.

I’ve had bad experiences with festivals that can be abbreviated to three letters, where the first one is A

It’s coachella doing this isn’t it?

Can’t see them fucking it and airblades can’t be installed in fields


No booking fee on Dice so will be getting my ticket on there on Friday. Cash seems prettt reasonable for the caliber of bands involved.

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Dice is charging a 10% booking fee on each ticket (i.e. £6 on a standard ticket, £9 on a VIP ticket).

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Aaaah thanks for noting. I had just assumed that was the price without booking fee. Guess I’ll just pay the extra £1.50 on AXS now so I don’t have to think about it on Friday.

Nick Cave & Those Bad Seeds announced as headliner for the final day…

Saw them on Monday night. They were on top, top form. Cracking setlist

Bonus: Patti Smith playing in Brighton the day before suggests she’ll be supporting Nick, like she is overseas.


Nick Cave, Patti Smith, St Vincent and Courtney Barnett formally announced!

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Got a couple of tickets. That is a STRONG bill, with more to come

That’s exceptionally strong. There’s now 3 days of this thing I’d like to go to. It would be great if the bands playing them could all play at some other festival. Maybe in Barcelona.


How did you get tickets? Are they on sale somewhere?