All Points East Festival

How did you get tickets? Are they on sale somewhere?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to headline APE Presents on 3 June in Victoria Park, London, as part of All Points East. With special guests Patti Smith, St. Vincent, courtney barnett, plus more to be announced soon.
Pre-sale tickets on sale now using password NCTBS2018APE at

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Looks like @Tuna has already replied on my behalf.

That will give Field Day some competition for sure.

Yep, would be lovely if they all showed up at primavera.

New additions

Something about this lineup that just doesn’t sit right with me

Too much dancy stuff that isn’t really dancy. Not sure festivals need to be booking django django and justice in 2018. Nowt to sink your teeth into.

The person running this sounds nice

A bit of context always helps - stage times, layout, etc., but it’s an odd mix

Allie X! sweet!

The creative for this festival is so so ugly


What a surprise, a rich man from Southern California is a Republican!


This lineup is a bit of a mess actually, isn’t it? Lots of stuff that just… doesn’t really fit together. Field Day and Primavera for instance manages to get the right balance of guitar/dance/trendy stuff but this just looks like they’ve got someone in who’s never booked a festival before. The undercard veers a lot towards the dance end, while the larger acts are more indie.

I think he’s great, but at a mid-afternoon set at a summer festival DJ Richard is going to go down like the fucking Bismarck.

I think there are going to be quite a few acts like this.

It sort of seems to be emulating Field Days of old with the dancey vs indie mess (as @iaminterested rightly points out). The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but can’t help but be a little confused.

Justice’s current live show is one of the best things I have ever seen.

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Has it changed since last summer? Because their 2017 festival appearances were as dull as dishwater.

Different strokes I guess, they were a real highlight at Glastonbury last year and their Brixton headline show was even better. Where did you see them?

Primavera (Porto).