All Points East Festival


Didn’t seem terribly different from 2007 when I saw them at Porto


I was pretty mashed in Porto but I though they were amazing.


^this. They haven’t moved on at all.


Musically you like em or you don’t (I love them), but the lighting rig is pretty much the best bit of stage production I’ve ever seen at a gig.


If you’re into yer lighting rigs check Bone Cult out


New additions for the Nick Cave Day. Very solid.


Not really listened to any of these except Bo Ningen who are obviously incredible live


Was probably going to go anyway, but that has made it a done deal for me. Haven’t seen Nadine Shah or Baxter Dury before but rinsed both of their most recent albums. Never seen The Psychedelic Furs live. Bo Ningen always bring the rock. Good line up :+1:


Was already going to this, so am especially pleased with the addition of Bo Ningen and Psychedelic Furs


Nadine Shah is wonderful. Certainly worth listening to, if you’ve not done so already.


Björk and Beck headlining two different stages on the same day, potentially meaning they clash :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Got to hope it will be an alternating-between-two-stages job like Primavera, but guess that’s unlikely


The first time I saw Bo Ningen, no one was calling for an encore. Not because they weren’t amazing, but because they must have been knackered beyond fucking belief after an hour of that and frankly they’d earned a lie-down.


That’s a terrible decision if so - who the fuck is choosing to watch Beck over Bjork?

No one that’s who.


Perhaps Beck/the other stage will finish before Bjork? That has happened at a couple of one dayers I have been too. Alternating up to the headliner. Not that there is a hard choice either way as you say.

There will be some horrible clashes on the Nick Cave day- due to the amount of awesome bands it’s impossible that there won’t be.


She won’t turn up


In fairness Beck’s probably the second best act on the line-up for that day. Would rather they switched him and FJM though so I don’t have to listen to the latter’s shite in order to see Bjork


oh yeah, nothing against Beck just not really a comparison is it?

Agreed on FJM - could do without that.


Also a real possibility of a clash with Flying Lotus. A 3 wayer would be pants.



I’ve seen neither, think I’d have more fun at Beck, would rather see both though


I don’t understand the dislike of FJM. Seen him a couple of times and for me he’s an incredibly charismatic performer with a great voice.
Possible I’d like his performance more than Bjork and Beck, although want to see all three. It’s also possible I’ll be bored by Bjork’s new noodly songs, though will try and grit my teeth and convince myself it’s art.