All Points East Festival


My feelings for FJM were well-documented in last year’s Arcade Fire thread, and I don’t want to derail another one on his account, so I’ll keep it short:

I find him to be an incredibly average songwriter and very unfunny for someone who’s supposed to be a great wit. Think it would have been best for everyone if he just stayed as Fleet Foxes’ drummer and backing vocalist because, as you said, he has a decent voice.

If I have to stand through it to see Bjork anyway I’ll try to make the most of it and give him another go, maybe it’s better live than on record. But I would have preferred Beck by about a trillion times


Don’t even say it she has bailed on me twice!! :sob:


Fair enough. I’m all for different opinions.

I’m hoping Bjork does more of a greatest hits set with it being a festival but she has no form on this. Expecting lots of flutes and weirdness.


well chuffed about Shame. Good day out, that


Beck generally does amazing greatest hits sets at festivals like this. Saw him do that weird one with Chic a couple of years ago and it was wall-to-wall bangers. It’ll be 100% more fun than any of this wanky new Bjork stuff if they do end up clashing.


Yes he def does the hits which is great as he has a lot of them.

Set against that when I saw him at Hyde Park a couple of years back, it seemed quite lightweight like his heart wasn’t quite in it which might be different if he was headlining. Although suppose could say that about all non-headliners that are firmly established - sometimes a sense they are going through the motions.


I want to know what time Confidence Man are on, got a feeling they’ll be stealth highlight of the weekend for anyone that catches them, like every other time I’ve seen them.


Has anyone any idea if they plan on releasing set times in the near future?

Plan was to go to the Friday as I can’t turn down the opportunity to see LCD Soundsystem and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs but I’m not so sure if it’s worthwhile if they both headline different stages at the same time.


Not sure how locked down this is, but:


Pro: beck doesnt clash with bjork
C9n: Flying Lotus 3d does :frowning:


The twitter account released an official video about 2 months ago saying what stages everyone was on (but no times) YYYs and LCD are on the same stage so presumably can’t be clashing


total guesswork.


YYY -> LCD Soundsystem sounds too good to turn down. Phoenix -> YYY -> LCD Soundsystem would have been too much to ask for.


i’m coming to review this, yaaay


I’d be pretty damn happy if this were the case


Friday is disproportionately better than the other days. Hope it’s not clash city.


According to clash finder, it is :pensive:


This would be not TOO bad for me actually.

Watch most of Hookworms-
over to Young Fathers-
a bit of Hercules and Love Affrair-
some of Glass Animals (not too bothered but something to watch)-
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-

Then Black Lips late show at the Garage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey guys please stop looking at clashfinder for set times before they’re announced by festivals. Literally anyone can make up bullshit times and put them on there.


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